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Best Practices for AdSense


Always think from the site visitors’ view. Nobody enjoys the advertisements distracting their learning expertise on a website. So select the particular space where you are going to post the advertisements so that the reading experience of your customers will not not get distracted. The traffic, pay a visit to your site for specific information which they need. They don’t see your site to click on the advertisements.

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These are some of the best practices for AdSense Ads positioning are:


·        Do not fully hide your site design and colors so that the Ads aren’t recognizable to your traffic. Google does not like this. The Advertising on your site ought to be distinct and easily recognizable from the traffic. It’s up to them to click on the advertising or not.

·        Avoid putting Ads in places where visitors may confuse them with navigation, menu and download hyperlinks. Google does not like that since it believes this as fooling around with all the traffic to create them click on your own Ads.

·        Do not place a lot of advertising on your own site in an attempt to raise your revenue. It shouldn’t seem like that there’s less of a material, and much more of the Advertising. Above all your traffic won’t like this, which will cause them to leave from your site thus increasing your bounce rate.

·        Among the very best practice so far as web design is concerned would be to produce a responsive site that may accommodate itself on a variety of sizes of devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet computers etc.. Along with this, many publishers nowadays are making use of completely responsive AdSense Ad parts, as showcased in after GIF from Google itself.

·        You need to go for entirely responsive advertisements and need specific Ad dimensions for your site, then Google urges to use subsequent Ad Sizes:

1.      For display widths around 500px, utilize a 320×100 advertisement

2.      For display widths involving 500px and 799px, utilize a 468×60                           advertisement.

3.      For display widths of both 800px and broader, utilize a 728×90 advertisement.


·        Use responsive ad units, which automatically adapt your ad sizes to fit any screen. 

·        Ever since traffic from smartphones is growing with every passing day online and Google also favours “Mobile First” strategy of internet layout (since it assumes that in the event you optimize to your cellphone, the site is optimized well for the rest of the platforms, even though that’s debatable) it’s very important to experiment with Advertisement sizes pertaining to your cellular site. Google recommends utilizing 300×250 Ad unit over the fold to get appropriate outcomes.


         It is possible to experiment with all the recommendations in this guide and see                  that which Advertisement components and placements work nicely for you.


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