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Beginning And Transistional Stages Of A Group In Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships I, I have experienced the initial stage and transition stage in our handful of classes. In my opinion this class is about self focus through group experience. This group is meant to be experienced as a group of people with an individual self-focus.

We are learning about group dynamics through participating in this group. Our meetings have been real-life, textbook occurrences. The initial stage is defined as developing trust, clarifying personal/group goals, establishing group norms, listening skills, learning and refining communication skills. There are many variables that effect how groups start, change, evolve and determine their successfulness. Frequency or length of meetings, the place where the meetings are held, if members are allowed to join or leave at any given time, cultural diversity, gender, and ethnicity all play a factor. These variables have a multi-faceted impact on each of the members and the group as a whole.The fact that we are in a closed group helps to maintain our growing levels of mutual trust and cohesion.

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This is received through the comfort of continuity of members. A trust level was achieved when my expectations for entire class attendance were met. Those expectations were that the group, members, conflict, trust, others, leader, communication, about, through, resistance, been, stage, people, one, making, just, goals, feelings, confidentiality, class, being, because, norms, instead, transition, skills, rene, personal, learning, goal, feel, each, decision, amy, trusting, thoughts

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