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Because of the global sustainability trend new
environmentally friendly policies developed, world energy requirements go up
more slowly than in the former, however, it will still amplify by 30% between
today and 2040. (IEA, 2017).

Figure 1.8 energy
consumption by fuel source from 2000 to 2015, with growth rates indicated for
the more recent period of 2010 to 2015 (Source: Global Carbon Budget, 2016 and Jackson
et al., 2015)

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Consider of energy demand side its shift in the
rapidly growing and developing economic countries such as China and India,
together with a slowing in overall energy growth as it is used ever more efficiently.
And on the supply side, it’s moving into green energy sources dominant by
renewable energy sources, as a result of sustainability trends and
technological improvements (BP Statistical Review   of World Energy, 2017)


Waste to energy concept

Waste to energy concept is the process, which
involves waste for the generating of energy. In this process recovers energy
from a variety of waste materials. The most common application by far is
processing the Municipal Solid Waste (Eurostat, 2013).

There are a variety of technologies have combined
with the WtE concept. Such as

Thermal technologies 



Thermal Depolymerization

PGP (Plasma Arc Gasification) 

Non­thermal technologies

Anaerobic Digestion

Mechanical biological treatment

MBT + Anaerobic digestion

Ethanol Production

MBT to Refuse Derived Fuel

The implement of WtE projects necessitates combining
with different organizations and technologies. Along with green energy concept
and integrated waste management system, the WtE concept is becoming the best
alternative solution to the decision makers. Because it’s addressed to all
sectors of the economy and sustainability.

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