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I also believe in the correction of the Lord as 3 days after his death he rose again. The rituals are Holy mass, Baptism, Holy Communion, confession, praying the rosary, confirmation, and last rites. I practice my faith everyday by saying my daily prays, by receiving the body of Christ every week at holy mass.

I sometimes say the Holy rosary and the divine mercy prayer. Too go to church for important feasts such as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, assumption of Mother Mary. Have difficulty in going for confession as feel that I would rather confess directly to God than to a priest. Eve difficulty in understanding priests who preach the sermon because I have trouble understanding their accent or the sermon is not captivating, by certain priests in Dubbed.

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I find the voices of the choir comforting at it sooths me and makes me want to sing along and get a deeper understanding of Christ and his ways. Too feel comforting after I have said the prayer after Holy Communion as I feel that my sins have been cleansed since Christ has entered my body. Find the ‘l believe’ the most relevant prayer as it describes Jesus’ life in the whole prayer.I feel that it is the second most powerful prayer after the ‘Lords prayer.

Why has God given me the good things in life, whereas there are so many children in this world that don’t even have the basic necessities of life i. E. Clean drinking water, food, shelter and clothing and are living in extreme poverty. May feel that God has a plan for each and every one of us and everything that God does is not for a bad cause but only for a reason.

Why did people take humans as slaves and treat them like animals? I feel this is so because of racial discrimination.They looked different so they forced them to work as slaves and the slave owners were pitiless and unrelenting. The atrocities done by priests on young boys around the world was shocking and it upset me to think that these are the same people who represent Jesus in a catholic church. Pilate seems to be expressing the opinion that Christ is not to be taken seriously and making a mockery Of Jesus. Truth is being honest not only to yourself but also to the others around you.

Feel that you invent it like all religions do. Anything you wish can be sacred, even a charm.

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