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Basedon my readings and insights after we reported of our topic “The AgribusinessSystems Concepts”, Agribusiness has so many sectors that can help expand theviews of people and can develop concepts about the field of business. Me as acitizen of this country, you cannot develop these concepts if you don’t reallyknow what is agribusiness is all about. Based on my reading, Agribusiness can be defined as an artand as a science when you handle or owning an enterprise.

In my own insight,agribusiness can be defined as an artis because of set of activities that can help develop skills of a person thatcan help any business that you are willing to build up. Agribusiness can bedefined as a science is because youare using this set of activities and skills with an objective, analysis andgathering information to form a concept that can help in any situation in thebusiness world.  Agribusiness can bedefined as a concept because agribusinessis made up of different industries or commodities in which you aim for againful business that can satisfy the needs of the consumers by using thosesets of activities with an objective why doing such business in a particularcommodity. Agribusiness as a system,I have read about this sector called the “Agricultural Input Sector” which forme is the provider of all the inputs that are needed by another sectors calledFood Production Sector for producing good quality of products and Manufacturingand Processing sector as the manufacturer of all processed products with theuse of the concept of “Marketing” for the distribution of food and products forthe consumers. I also read about the systems in agribusiness that there are 5major subsystems. Namely, the Input subsystem, which I said earlier that theprovider of the inputs that are needed for processing while productionsubsystem, which for me as the manufacturer of raw materials that the inputsubsystem provides. Another subsystem is called Processing subsystem which forme serves as the processor that can manipulate the different commodities whenthe production is provided with the needs in producing such products. Afterprocessing, the marketing subsystem will take place where it serves as the distributoror the concept of transferring products from producer to consumers.

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The lastsubsystem is the supporting subsystem which for me serves as the key players inthe business world. Like for example when I put up a business for broilercommodity, I have to consider the key players to support my commodity such asthe source of feeds, source for my stocks, agencies that supports broiler andother things that can affect your business either in positive or in negativeway. I also read about the Management Aspect in agribusiness which for me hasalso a big role in business world because it can also greatly affect thebusiness when you don’t know how to manage your business or in a particularsituation that your decision makings will be tested that can affect the entirebusiness. The agribusiness also has the Marketing System which for me serves asthe main distributor of the products and for the consumption of the products.In my opinion having the concept of the agribusiness, you also have to be openthat any opportunities to improve or to expand your views about business usingthe new trends, advance technology and other things that have been influencedby the technology because nowadays technology changes from time to time.                     For my overall assessmentabout this topic, these concepts in agribusiness can be a very big help tothose people who are planning to run a business enterprise in a particularcommodity. It can widen the knowledge of people that are fond with businesswhich can also broaden their views about business. It also can help thosepeople in decision makings and to overcome any situations in a particularbusiness.

And also with the help of the systems that are existing in thebusiness world. When you have the mindset of using these systems in a business,you are more risk-taker and also aware of the circumstances that are occurringin the business world.

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