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Bandura BanduraAlbert Bandura is widely regarded as the leading researcher in the field of observational learning. His theory expands and elaborates on the earlier work of Dollard and Miller. Bandura proposes that an individual possesses a moral code that develops through interactions with their models. The violation of these moral codes causes an individual to experience feelings of self-contempt.

In an attempt to avoid these feelings of self-contempt individuals use a number of different mechanisms to allow them to so. These mechanisms include an individual?s use of moral justification, euphemistic labeling, and diffusion of responsibility.When an individual uses the mechanism of moral justification they claim that their actions were to serve a higher power. An example of moral justification can be seen when an individual seeks revenge for the actions of another and in doing so violates their own moral code for the purpose of teaching the person a lesson. Another example is when an individual murders another person in the name of God or their religion.

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The use of euphemistic labeling involves calling a reprehensible act something other than what it is. When an individual steals property from another person and claims they are borrowing provides an example of euphemistic labeling. individual, moral, justification, another, person, example, behavior, labeling, euphemistic, seen, mechanisms, different, decision, theory, team, self-contempt, responsibility, relevant, mechanism, justifies, just, individual?s, group, feelings, exercise, easier, diffusion, codes, code, bandura, actions, ?that, work, widely, whole, way

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