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Nursing is a profession that has many benefits to it. Not only are there multiple jobs within this career, there are plenty of places to work, and there are always job openings. However, the best part of being a nurse is taking care of the people in your community and knowing you’ve made a difference. Because I personally want to become a nurse in the future, it is necessary that I know what it takes to become a nurse, the different types of jobs in the nursing field, as well as the annual salary and the future of nusing. There are many different degrees that are available through nursing.

Each degree has its own requirements and education standards. Starting off with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (AND), you are required to attend college for two years and finish the prerequisites in order to be in a hospital setting. Higher than the Associates Degree is the Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing (BS/ BSN). In order to obtain this degree, you must complete four years of school, which includes many science classes such as anatomy, and microbiology, as well as physical and behavioral classes which will all teach you how to work in a hospital environment.

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Once you’ve completed your Bachelor’s degree, you can continue and earn your MSN (Master’s Degree), your PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and your DNP ( Doctor of Nursing Practice) (“How to Become a Nurse”). Along with their being multiple degrees in nursing there are also many jobs in nursing. There are many general nurses that can perform a variety of tasks and there are also nurses that specialize in a specific field of the hospital. The main job of a nurse is to help prevent injuries and disease, encourage healthy life choices as well as caring for the sick.

Nursing jobs range from Nurse Practitioners to Neonatal Nurse, and each field of nursing has a different form of care services that they provide. While one type of nurse is specialized in delivering babies, the other is in charge of diagnosing someone with cancer and beginning treatment for them (“Nursing Career Education and Advancement”). Different jobs in the nursing field each have different salaries. Median annual wages of registered nurses were $62,450 in May of 2012 while the average salary of a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist was $135,000 (“Nursing”).

Because nursing is the largest health care job, their will always be plenty of jobs available. With currently 2. 2 million jobs, nursing is expected to continue its growth of job openings. This is expected due to the large variety of different nursing felids as well as the many places that nurses are needed such as schools, hospitals, and prisons (“Nursing Career Education Advancement”). Nursing is a job that will always be in high demand and with so many different jobs in nursing there’s really a job for everyone.

Nursing is a job with the main focus of the care of your family, friends, and community. And after my research, I have found that with hard work, it is easy to earn a degree, there are multiple areas that fit each person, and the salary as well as the future of nursing is very good. Works Cited “How to Become a Nurse. ” How to Become a Nurse. ANA: American Nursing Association, n. d. Web. 04 Feb. 2014. “Nursing. ” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 31 Jan. 2014. Web. 03 Feb. 2014 “Nursing Career Education and Advancement. ” Salary. com. Salary. com, n. d. Web. 04 Feb. 2014.

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