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One day before school my grandmother told me I did not look so well suggested that I go to the doctor to get looked at. I did not complain I was getting out of going to school. I got examined by my doctor and everything was looking well and there were no symptoms of illness. Doctor Fischer, my doctor when I was child, told me that everything was working well and she could see nothing wrong. She then proceeded to tell me that I was alright and I could be on my way. Then all of a sudden I started seeing stars like I got hit on the nose.

The stars started to crowd my vision until all I could see was my Mom. I remember saying, “Mom! ” and everything going black. I wake up to a squad of paramedics hovering over me and my Mom crying. I had no idea what was going on. The nurse who was right about my head told me that my heart had stopped for eleven seconds and I was unconscious. She said that the paramedic team used their defibrillator to shock my heart back into pulsing but she said that did not work but when she put a warm towel on my forehead I gradually came back to consciousness.Because of this unfortunate event in my life I have had the upmost respect for doctors and nurses and because the nurse was there to calm me down and inform me of what was going on, I saw her as a hero.

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I am Majoring to become a registered nurse. My terrifying event is one of the influences that made me decide on declaring nursing as a major. I want to become a nurse because there will always be people who are going to get sick and need someone there to help ease their pain.Because of the nurses who helped me through my struggle have made such a huge impact on how I saw their profession. Nurses are meant to be there for you. Over the years Nursing has been dominated mostly by females.

There are still men in this profession but are very uncommon. There are currently 2,909,357 registered nurses in the United States. Men make up 5. 8%. Why is that? There is no real reason why.

Women are sought more to be caring and nurturing, not men. Men are seen as janitors or doctors in hospitals because they are not often nurses.This is mainly because it has been dominated by females and when a male becomes a nurse people automatically think they are homosexual. Some stereotypes over time have projected nurses to be women who are ready to care for you, while the patient is a male needed to receive the nurture. But some men don’t see the stereotypes within this occupation as “women being nurses”. “For example, Ramon Lavandero, R.

N. , M. A.

, M. S. N. , director of the International Leadership Institute of Sigma Theta Tau International, located in Indianapolis, had a very positive experience working in obstetrics.As one of the first men to go through an obstetrics class at Columbia University’s School of Nursing in New York, Lavandero found the faculty to be extremely supportive, contacting him even before the course began to see if he had any questions or concerns about being the first male in the class. ” After Lavandero graduated he received three positions at a women’s health service. So this proves that there are plenty of job opportunities for more nurses out there.Especially for men today because there is a shortage in nursing and the more nurses there are the better.

Men who want to become a nurse they are not given the opportunity of study women’s care, such as obstetrics or gynecology. This profession is unfortunately stereotyped uncontrollably. Male nurses are portrayed to have feminine traits. They are stereotyped as having feminine nature, behavior, and mannerism.

Such stereotypes are actually made into humorous jokes like on get well cards. They’re portrayed as being bimbos.Nurses are commonly portrayed as young, female, single, childless, and white. Nursing is undeniably a profession that is constantly changing and evolving as a result of the demand for health care professionals. Men have greatly impacted the profession from the ast to present and will continue into the future. As more men enter the nursing profession hopefully the stereotypes about masculinity and femininity will be replaced with respect.

A nurses primary purpose is to care for people who are in need of assistance, so it shouldn’t depend on their gender.Advancements have been made by clinical organizations dedicated to gender equality. Organizations such as AAMN have been encouraging men to join this profession and deny the stereotypes. If these stereotypes continue to exist during my lifetime I will still strive to become a nurse. Nursing a great career and people should not make fun of male nurses because they are there to help you.

If a male nurse were to hear you making fun or them behind their back how do you think they would feel?If they are working to help you get healthy you should not mock them. People who come to the hospital are there only for one reason is to get better. They want to be in and out. They want to be helped and sent home. People are still stuck in the era where all nurses were female and can not get a grasp around the idea of having a male nurse.

People need to realize that there is no reason for such a large gender split in this occupation. Nurses are there for you to help you get better, it should not matter if they are male or female.

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