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Edmunds developed the Inside Line phone app because we are in a huge technological era. Edmunds needed to find a way to get the most customers possible because he is in a competitive market. A lot of people use tablets or smartness now, by developing a mobile app it increases the chance that more people will take the time to go look at Edmunds app. Companies that provide free services, such as Edmunds app, earn money to support the placement and support costs by donations or sponsorships.

Another big way a free app can earn money is by adding banner ads to their mobile app. So Edmunds would be collecting a percentage from the companies that pay to put the ads on the Inside Line phone app. 2. A mobile app for accessing information about cars has a few benefits that a site that requires a full-size computer does not. One benefit would be that a customer could go look up information on the app anywhere; the customer does not have to be at home, at work, or go to a library to access a computer. Live that another benefit that could come from a mobile app is using a GAPS so that a customer could look up cars that are near where they are at. A mobile app would need bigger features than a website on a full-size computer. Since most mobile APS are used on smartness that have small screens, everything on the app would need to be bigger and have better quality so customers could zoom in. 3. Guilder’s pad app is different than Edmunds because it is only available for the pad. Also customers can bid on cars straight on the pad app, which it goes not seem like Edmunds app is set up like that.

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Guilder’s objective is to use pads to recreate a way that cars are bought and sold by shortening the sales process. The pad app has very good quality and is big enough for customers to see all details and information clearly. Both Guiltier and Edmonds wish to introduce a new way of buying a car and broaden their customer base. Edmonds has one different objective; Edmonds does not wish to only revolutionize in the automobile industry, but also in the technology and mobile communities.

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