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Thesis statement: Autism is not nearly as widely known as the familiar Down?s syndrome, yet, surprisingly, autism is far mode widespread?. So what is it exactly
I. Definition of autism
A. Spectrum disorder
B. Communication disorder
II. Causes and effects of autism
A. Causes
1. Psychological causes
2. Abnormal brain structure
3. Exposure to toxic agents
B. Effects
1. Speech disorder
2. Mental retardation
3. High intelligence
III. Behavior of autistic individuals
A. Indifference
B. Repetitive activities
C. Loneliness
D. Weird actions

IV. Treatment and frequency of autism
A. Treatment
1. No effective treatment
2. Some hope
B. Frequency
1. In the U.S.A
2. Around the globe
V. Education of autistic individuals
A. Important parents? role
B. Special educational centers.

A little girl named Jenny, quietly sits alone in a corner, racking back and forth, humming to herself. Her classmates roam about in a chaotic manner, casually conversing, and inadvertently ignoring the little girl. She never participates in the collective games, but she prefers to play alone. And, if anyone calls her name, she stays totally indifferent as if she has not heard anything. Her behavior was absolutely weird and unexpected comparing to the children in her age? Jenny?s parents begin to wonder: is it just a phase or something more They learn soon that it is something more? With little more observation than that of what her parents have observed, jenny?s pediatrician decided that she should be tested for autism. As he expected, the test turned out to be positive: Yes, Jenny was an

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