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?Fad diets have a great appeal to many because they tend to ignore current diet recommendation (eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat meat / dairy, and exercise) and encouraging foods that people “dream” of including on a daily basis such as steak, ice-cream, and cookies. However, these diet are not key for long term weight loss or healthy lifestyle changes. On page 185 and 186 popular diets are compared.

Please compare and contrast two of the diets listed by stating the major premise promoted by the diet, the strong points, and the weak points of the diets.Also, state whether this would be a diet that could promote a long term healthy lifestyle change. A fad diet is much like a fashion statement.

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It comes into style; it goes out of style. These temporarily popular diets are used to lose weight in a short amount of time while still contributing to unhealthy factors into the diet. One of these diets is the Atkins Diet. Atkins focus on an intense restriction of carbohydrates, high-protein diets are centered on lots of protein-packed foods that leave you satisfied and satiated.

The major premise promoted in this diet is that people are overweight or obese because they have a metabolic imbalance caused by eating too many carbohydrates. By constraining carbohydrate consumption, the imbalance can be corrected. During Atkins, you can supposedly lose weight without lowering kcalorie ingestion. The strong point of this diet is hasty rapid, short-term weight loss. One of the weak points in the Atkins Diet is that this particular diet restricts carbohydrates to a level that induces ketosis.

Ketosis triggers nausea, lightheadedness, and fatigue. Ketosis can worsen and can ultimately cause kidney disease. This high fat diet can also increase the risk for heart disease and some cancers. An additional fad diet is the Cheater’s Diet. This particular diet’s major premise promoted is that successful weight loss is achieved while eliminating boredom and allowing indulgences.

Allegedly cheating on weekends “stokes your metabolism.” The strong points in this diet is that meals are proportion one-half fruit and vegetables, one-fourth lean protein, and one-fourth whole grains. Exercise is encouraged as often as possible. This phenomenal diet has a major weak point: there is absolutely no scientific data on cheating to boost metabolism or support weight loss. Both of these fad diets have their faults that cannot promote a long term healthy lifestyle change.

Permanent weight loss is not something that a “quick-fix” diet can achieve.

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