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At the present time science has reached greater heights in
different fields and occupies most our lifetime. Moreover, the development of
medicine has allowed to maintain the life of a dying patient for a long time,
due to the complex and often painful procedure for him. Nevertheless, there is
an open question has split society into two camps. The great effort being made
to introduce euthanasia in those nations where it is currently prohibited. This is a baffling problem
for many countries as a consequence of medical ethics, religion and diverging
from the Hippocratic Oath. Euthanasia means “mercy killing” or act of helping
to someone who is experiencing an excruciating pain because of incurable
disease. Certainly, it is unbearable to relatives to lose loved ones, but they
don’t know what degree of suffering makes them the choice to die. None but the sufferer
can define degree of his suffering and it can never be truly communicated by

The issue of
euthanasia, or increasingly used term “assisted suicide” arises as
controversial since the practice is forbidden by law in many countries.
Supporters and opponents give different arguments. However, there are
legitimate concerns on either side. One of the apprehensions is the possibility of
abuse. On the one hand, in some cases doctors will lead to pressure on sufferers,
but on the other hand must be legally correct to issue, that euthanasia does
not become the legalized murder. Indeed, the struggle for the life of the sick
person is only valid if is a hope of recovery possible. Otherwise, the matter
appears of easing suffering and in this case it will be euthanasia.

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Notwithstanding that the world is afraid to allow
doctors to use euthanasia; in the past, he also feared ligating organ
transplantation. Today, the success of transplantology can reduce the mortality
rate for those who were previously hopeless. At the same time, the problem of
the donation of human organs divides society into those who are “pros” and
“cons”. Therefore, if euthanasia will legal in every state, there will still be
disagreement between individuals. Also, none of the humans is immune from the
fact this problem will become relevant for him in the future.Finally, Euthanasia is a term that has acquired a
negative connotation in the modern world. It frightens society and has a good
reason. Death has never been a pleasant topic for discussion and the fact that
a doctor can help to someone meet one’s end is terrifying. Yet, euthanasia is
strictly regulated and not practiced in many countries in the world. Those who
are a part of this should not be condemned as murderers, as they execute
testaments of their patients.

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