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This is a very useful and informative book for cat lovers, old and new. It is authored by veterinarian Dr. Andrew T. B. Edney.

It contains a lot of factual background information and beautiful pictures about cats from their birth to their old age. The book gives readers medical, trivia, and fun information about cats. For example, it names the different parasites a cat could possibly acquire in the course of its life and demonstrates how to spot early signs of disease.

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It identifies some common home emergency cat situations and practical methods to aid your injured cat while waiting to go to the veterinarian.Early chapters contain and illustrate cat ancestry including cat selection. A chapter gives a practical guide to domestic cat hygiene such as how to bathe and groom them and some feeding methods.

Speaking of grooming, the book competently touches the subject matter. There is such a thing as brushing a cat’s teeth and this book will show you how. And yes, clipping those dangerously sharp nails is part of grooming. Raising cats is not just limited to feeding and breeding but also understanding domestic cats’ basic body language as well to be able to identify normal from problematic behavior and to deal with them accordingly.The book discusses it well with the help of excellent cat pictures. Chapter six onwards deals with feline health such as cat diet, pregnancy and litter care. The last chapter deals with some initial information about cat shows and how cats are judged in shows. This recommended domestic cat care book ends with a glossary, cat care record, and a list of additional resources.

References Edney, Andrew T. B. B. V. M. (1992). ASPCA Complete Cat Care Manual: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Caring for Your Cat.

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