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As with most things in the news, I often wonder how this will affect my life. The impact these changes will have may not be known for some time. If the FCC’s long, storied history is any indication, these rulings will be challenged in court and the final outcome won’t be settled for years. Public Knowledge and the National Hispanic Media Coalition, along with other public interest groups, have already announced plans to challenge the net neutrality changes in court. For now, we must rely on the experts to understand how the rule changes may impact our wallets. Some are predicting that broadband companies could limit access to certain content providers unless you pay for higher tier services. This means that you have a choice; do without high-speed access to your Game of Thrones weekly fix, or upgrade to a higher-priced internet package. We could also see higher costs passed on to us as content providers like Netflix try to ensure their customers retain the same level of access and enjoyment. If experts in favor of the changes are right, fewer regulations will encourage competition and that could bring the prices down while encouraging innovation. At this point, we’re best served by keeping an eye on our expenses. If prices begin to rise to a point where your wallet is screaming uncle, shop around for alternative sources to supply your connection to the internet. And keep paying attention to how these changes may impact your wallet long after the debate has faded from the headlines. One thing is for sure: This issue is far from settled.

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