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As children spend more time in front of the computer screen, they spend less time in physical activity. According to CNN Health (2017), children ages 8 and older spend an average of 2 hours 19 minutes per day on screen and between 8 and 12 years of age, the average daily screen usage is 4 hours and 36 hours So, children spend more time on the Internet also more involved in other static behavior.

According to psychologist Kaleyvani Geeseeny Sawnmy, author of “The Impact of Interntal Use on Children / Youth,” non-resident lifestyles related to computer use can be a risk factor. The leading mechanism for obesity. In a study published in the PMC, it was found that people who spent the most time on the computer were at an extra risk of 1.5 times more risky and obese than those who did not use the machine.

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calculated 2.5 times. Even children who use high-activity computers have a 1.

86-fold higher risk of being overweight or obese than those without a computer. Internet not only contributes to physical inactivity, but advertising and other programs also encourage us to eat more. It takes away from the time children spend for physical activity and also leads to increased energy through snacking and eating meals in front of the computer. The “sit time” and “snacks” habits, as well as online product advertising, affect children to choose unhealthy foods. Moreover, computer use is associated with both repeated motion trauma such as wrist and eye strain.

Internet users often complain about dry eyes (73.7%), decreased eyes (64, 1%), cervical pain (48.1%) and others. Internet, on the other hand, affects the academic achievement of students. For online games, social media sites are completely distracting to learn. Rather than listen carefully to what teachers say in class, teenagers often think or chat with friends about how they can improve their abilities in games or they will go out in the world. their room and so on.

Moreover, after school, they just go straight to the computer, skip homework and review lessons, to make their scores go down even more. Moreover, teens can use the Internet to cheat in exams. According to data from a survey of mobile phone use to fraud in the tests, 45% of students are believed to use mobile phones to access the Internet and 20% admit that they have do this.

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