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As Chief Operations Manager with a mid sized Non Governmental Organization NGO working in war-torn countries to create awareness on HIV prevention and restoration of peace and social justice in communities, my goal would be to iteratively identify the most pertinent issues in the community to be resolved locally.The motivation of staff members in a Non governmental organization dedicated to health care and conflict resolution in a war-torn Nation could be complex and multifaceted. The midsized NGO that hired me, consisted of a community-based clinic and conflict resolution bureaucrats with a vision to inculcate the culture of dialogue as a catalyst to health, peace and just society. The organization, unfortunately, had been ranked in the bottom quartile for patient and staff satisfaction scores. I encountered a staff that appeared to be disillusioned, quick to blame others for problems in the unit had an unusually high rate of absenteeism and unnecessarily high handed to members of the community. My goal was to diagnose the issues in the unit and help improve performance.Firstly, I examined the communication model of the organization, the vital medium of change and transformation. I proposed for a change from command and control model to Organizational conversation – model,  a system which brings employee/employer relationship to a level where employer talks to the employees rather than simply issuing orders. In organizational conversation model, Leaders step down and stoop to communicate personally and transparently with employees. The focus shifted from, top-down distribution, to a bottom-up exchange of ideas – reflecting: intimacy, interactivity, inclusion, and intentionality. I drew a list of all the direct reports of staff and ranked them as high, middle and low performers. This helped me to identify and recognize High performers and Middle Performers and reward efforts.During the project of distribution of medical equipment to hospitals and care for the physically challenged, we realized that after carrying out staff assessment in our units, we were able to sift the high performers from low performers. This significantly improved our overall performance and quality of service delivery over 87%.What aspect of this position was important to you?The aspect of my job that was important to me was the decision making role. I had to make decisions that would bring a turn around to my organization and deliver optimal service to the community. What leadership skills would you bring to this program?, I will bring leadership skills that are focussed on strategy, accountability, efficiency, inclusivity, interactivity and a leadership character tied to values appropriate to the organization. I will come along with Skill sets that turn goals into specific assignments and behaviors to be implemented in the next few days and followed up with reviews. Leadership skills that measures performance and outcomes through Design Accountability Grid; an assignment sheet about actions to be completed with curriculum tied to organizational goals. At the heart is passion and care.What does leadership mean to you?.  lLeadership to me means the ability to motivate oneself and inspire others towards the attainment of set goals and values. How would my participation in this program enhance my career goal?I expect to horn skill sets during the program and use it to contribute to world peace. I will learn how to apply critical problem-solving and analytical techniques to peaceful resolution and security.Since Peace and Conflict Studies is an interdisciplinary field which examines the root causes of conflicts, war and violence as well as studying the ways which individuals, institutions, communities and states are involved in justice administration and peacebuilding, I hope to avail myself of these knowledge and use it improve myself and contribute immensely towards a world with low conflict index. During the program, I will consolidate my skills in public service and dialogue-based methods of conflict management: the specific expertise to a higher-level position, higher salary and qualifications.

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