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As we know, food is one
of the fundamental needs of human lives. Most food does not have a long
lifespan that make some food are easily to become spoiled. Nowadays, there are
many methods to preserving food with high technology methods using machine or
any other equipment. Due to inadequate tools or equipments, preserving food can
be done using the traditional method. For instance, using salting method.

Salting method is one of
the traditional method to preserve food. According to Laszo (2001), salt has
been used as a food preservative for centuries. It remained the most used form
of food preservation until much more recent times when modern food preservation
methods were developed. the value of salt in food presevation still continues
nowadays because it does not using any facilites or technologies. Based on
Davidson (2014), Salt will prevent microbial growth because most microbes for
instance bacteria, fungi, and other pathogenic organisms can not grow in
condition of salt is above 10%, due to the hypertonic nature of salt. Also,
depending on how much salt is used, the food could last for a few months to a
few years, and the technique adds flavor as well.

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Salt acts by drawing water out of the cells of foods
and bacteria through a process known as osmosis, according to Centre Terre Vivante (2007). High concentrations of salt can
also rupture bacterial cells due to differences in pressure between the outside
and inside of the microorganism. Salt is also effective in protecting foods
against molds and yeast, it prevents the fermentation of yeast and the growth
of molds by reducing water supply. However, using salt could affects the
perceived health benefits of a food. Although some salt is vital to health, an
excess of sodium has been linked to hypertension (high blood pressure) which is
a risk factor for stroke and heart disease. Remember though to follow tested
recipes and recommendations regarding the amount of salt required for home food

According to Henry (2012), there are two methods of salting food, dry curing and
wet curing. In dry curing, the food is surrounded in salt and left in a cool
dry place. Water will be drawn out, then pour the liquid out. In wet curing, a
brine is prepared by dissolving salt in water. Then the food is placed in the
brine and left in a cool dry place. Vegetables
are generally preserved by pickling them in a salt and water solution (brine),
while meat may be rubbed with salt and dry cured or may be injected with a salt
solution. Salted food is very salty, and it may need to be soaked into
water to remove some of the salt before cooking.

conclude, salting method is one of a way to preserve food. Salt can prevent
microbial growth because microbes can not lives in condition of salt. Salting
could make the lifespan of food longer. Salt drawing water out of the cells
of foods through an osmosis process. Salting food can be done by dry curing and
wet curing. In my opinion, using salting method is a simple way because it does
not need any tools or equipment.

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