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As far as we know that
an attitude in organization behavior is the most important thing which is like
a price tag and it shows how or who you are. Attitude can be defined as a
mental mechanism that evaluates, forms or gives a view, colorizes a feeling and
cause a person to determine his/her behavioral tendency towards another human
being or something that is being faced by individuals, even against the
individual itself is referred to as the attitude phenomenon. The phenomenon of
attitudes that arise is not only determined by the state of the object being
faced, but it also has to do with experiences in the past or by the present
situation and by the expectations for the future. Every attitude can divide
into three components such as cognitive, affective, and behavioral.


            First of all, the component of an attitude like cognitive
is a description of or belief in the way thing are. This attitude especially we
see when someone has the ability to judge behavior that is worthy and not to is
imitated, the ability to judge beautiful or not beautiful and etc. For example,
as long as I was at this University, there was a lot of group work to do in
every semester. For completing the group work, there various behaviors that I
found from the individual which is there is such a member of our group who is
too busy with outdoor activities so that he/she cannot complete his assignment
section in our group work. Of course, we could be able to activate with the
outdoors activity but everyone also should be fair with the work of the given group.
Then, if he/she continues to behave like this, other members of the group will
feel discontented and assume he is irresponsible in completing the assignment.
So, the attitude which is their assume he/is irresponsible is the one that I
mean cognitive components in organization behavior.

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            Next is the affective component that refers to one’s
emotional reaction to the object of attitude. Furthermore in the Great
Dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia, affective is concerned with fear or love,
affects the situation, feelings and emotions, and has a style or meaning that
demonstrates feelings ( In general,
these components are likened to the feeling of something. For example, while in
the university I also have been worked in one organization that I had
previously participated which is a co-curriculum unit. At that time, we have
worked together in carrying out a program that carries a huge responsibility.
In doing out this program, there was a crisis between program directors and
subordinates where some groups were dissatisfied with the program’s current
attitude. Because of the attitude of the current director of the program who
did not give proper cooperation and favoritism, other members that involved
with that program also felt dislike of his attitude. So, this is the kind of
feeling which are affective components in organization behavior.


            The last one is behavioral components or conative
component in attitude structure which is one aspect of a particular behavioral
tendency in accordance with the attitude of a person. This means that this
component involves how people behave in a particular situation and to certain
stimuli that will be determined by how their beliefs and feelings towards the
stimulus. However, the tendency to behave will not necessarily be manifested in
the form of appropriate behavior. For example, if there is an organization with
problems in their one group, some of them may have various feelings like
dislikes, envy, unfairness and etc. And then, when these such feelings occur,
some of them may act to tell or mislead what they do not like with other
groups. So, the situation of this action is meant by behavioral components in
organization behavior.


the conclusion, in my understanding about attitude is like an actor involving
feelings and thoughts which are it a good or bad and of course it is a part of
human behavior that changes their thinking style. No matter where we are, an
attitude will exist and sometimes followed with our own behavior. Then, knowing
the attitudes that are divided into three components, such as cognitive,
affective and behavioral, it can help us to understand the complexities and
potential relationships between attitudes and behaviors. So, for me, a good
attitude and behavior should be practiced in us since we were in the child

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