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Article Analysis Of Young Children?s Perceptions Of Time Out Article Analysis 1Article Analysis of Young Children?s Perceptions of Time Out Christine A.

Readdick and Paula L Chapman of Florida State University do an exploratory study to find out how preschoolers, ages two, three, and four years, feel about and perceive time out. Since this is the first study that involves the preschooler?s feelings and opinions on the time out, this is an important discovery. They believe that because of the social inexperience of a preschooler, time out may be harmful to their social development. Not knowing any better, children tend to see themselves negatively, and then act out according to that negative ?label?. (Readdick & Chapman, 2000) The researchers were interested in these five research questions: 1.

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What feelings about time out do young children express 2. What perceptions of time out do young children express3. What behavioral events are resulting in preschooler children being placed in time out by their teachers4. What difference in feelings about time out can be identified between children who perceive themselves to be frequently in time out and those who perceive themselves to be infrequently in time out5.

What is the correspondence of the child?s stated reason for being in time out out, time, children, child, chapman, readdick, being, 2000, analysis, about, others, feelings, adult, young, study, article, aggression, two, questions, child?s, children?s, care, question, way, three, themselves, researchers, pilot, perceptions, perceive, noncompliance, lead, interview, better, act

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