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ARISTOCRAT RESTAURANT ROBINSON’S PLACE MANILA Name of the Restaurant Company Profile Owner Dona Engracia (“Aling Asiang”) Cruz-Reyes and her husband, Justice Alex A. Reyes. Aling Asiangs History The Aristocrat Restaurant is a Filipino-owned family corporation founded by the late Aling Asiang’s pioneering spirit coupled with her native genius for cooking Filipino food raised the once lowly and unknown Filipino dishes to well-loved and accepted locally and internationally.

From its humble beginning as a snack mobile in 1936, the Aristocrat has grown into a restaurant enterprise with branches in Metro Manila, all erving the same quality foods that have made it “The Philippines’ Most Popular Restaurant”. Strategically located along Roxas Boulevard, the first Aristocrat was a silent eyewitness to the passing of Philippine history from the Presidential inaugural parades and somber funeral marches of national martyrs and prisoners of war (World War II), to religious rallies of various denominations and frivolous parades of film festivals and beauty queens.

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Aristocrat has inspired the growth and development of the restaurant industry in the Philippines, oftentimes taking the lead nd being the basis of many other food establishments. Engracia Cruz Reyes’ contribution to Philippine cuisine has earned her national recognition. In 1992, on her 100th birth anniversary, the erection of a landmark in a Rajah Sulaiman park, the issuance of a stamp edition and the naming of a street after her honor.

Specialties Kare-Kare Chicken Honey Crispy Pata Pancit Canton Dinuguan Lumpia Location Contact Information Robinsons Place Manila 4th Level, Pedro Gil Wing Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila Phone/ Fax: 523-3923/ 523-3973 Website: http://www. ristocrat. com. ph Email: [email protected] com The TQM process Stage 1: Problem Identification Quality Tool: Brainstorming BRAINSTORMING SHEET The Problems that we observe in Aristocrat Restaurant particularly in Robinson’s Place Manila branch are the following: ORIGINAL SHORTLIST The restaurant is dull Lack of customer enthusiasm Minimum no. f customer Small servings Fail to welcome guest High price Not in good Appearance Sloppy uniforms Poor ventilation Poorly run Stage 2: Problem Prioritization Quality Tool: Consensus through Light Voting CONSENSUS THROUGH LIGHT VOTING Problems Member Oennifer Cumplido) 2 (Chester Suarez) Total Explanation: By observing inside the Aristocrat Restaurant, we’ve been able to come up with a problem which is minimum no. of customer.

We both think that customer is a good indication of a successful restaurant. Every restaurant aims to gain customers because without them there will be no profit for the restaurant and eventually if that continues their store will be closed. We both think that it is the problem of aristocrat in Robinson’s Manila. Although heir food are in did delicious but they still lack something that is very important to any kind of restaurant or business.

Stage 3: Problem Analysis Quality Tool: Cause and Effect Diagram This Flow Chart shows a pictorial display of a list in which you identify and organizes possible cause of the problems, or factors needed to ensure success of some effort. We used this flow chart to identify the possible causes of our identified problem. Through this diagram we’ve been able to identify the some weak factors of Aristocrat that needed to have an improvement.

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