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Argumentative Essay – The Criminal Justice SystemThe criminal justice system is when the government takes part it the social control and the sanctioning of those who break the laws. While some people may say that the criminal justice system is the line between a peaceful society and a chaotic one, my views of this system detract this dogmatic claim. The criminal justice system is one of the most broken systems in America. Many of its factors such as the juvenile prison system and the socioeconomic bias are all some of the reasons.

        The juvenile system is put troublesome children under the age of 18 under solitary confinement. This system is available in most of the states but it is not seen as a punishment, but a rehabilitation. However, this system does not always work and it is very broken. I believe that locking kids who are a danger to society that It will only end up making them worse.

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Sometimes it can even lead to death because some kids could die or commit suicide on these confinements due to all the poor degrading treatment they receive. According to the article, “Youth Prisons Don’t Work. Here’s What Does.” by Mishi Faruqee, putting juveniles behind bars will give them a stigmatized mindset, and the only way to change this is “to create more effective, humane alternatives”( Faruqee, par 3) I believe that the only way to fix this problem is to close as many juvenile prisons as possible and invest in community-based solutions that actually rehabilitate the youth.          Another reason that clearly points out the flaws of the criminal justice system is the issue with the socio-economic imbalance. Most of the time even when the rich do something illegal or wrong they don’t get affected as much as those who are poor. One instance of this case is very evident in the Mill and Weinstein case.

According to the article, “Meek Mill Is In Jail for a Wheelie While Harvey Weinstein Roams Free”  by Jill Filipovic, Meek Mill was on probation and was put in jail for simply doing a wheelie on a motorcycle while Harvey Weinstein “who was caught on tape confessing to sexual assault, is a free man.” (Filipovic, par 2) He violated people in a place where it was illegal. Here the person with the greater influence wasn’t put in jail but the person with the less influence was, all because of their wealth and power. For poor people the fundings for lawyers, despite them doing their best, most criminal defense lawyers (the ones that can be bought) are negligent, which causes their clients to suffer.

The teenager Meek Mill who was very poor was at a huge disadvantage. This is clearly unfair because Weinstein can have a huge team of professional lawyers to defend his case against him. Since the criminal justice system runs on a jury they will also have a racial bias. They will vote against Mill no matter what. There needs to be a better system to put everyone, especially the rich who violate the laws in jail.

    Clearly, the criminal justice is broken and it is in a desperate need of a reform. America’s criminal justice system is broken by Chris Coons and Thom Tillis, The criminal justice system focuses “far too much on criminalization and incarceration and far too little on rehabilitation.” (Coons and Tillis, par 2). They are basically saying the entire system needs to be rebuilt or at least patched up, and I agree. I believe that we must rebuild a system that promotes safety, fairness, and proper rehabilitation.

If we fix these actions the criminal justice systems would be able to rebuild families, save taxpayer dollars, and eliminate socioeconomic bias.

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