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Are You Blind Are You Blind Some people work all their lives to make others like the person that they are trying to be. There are many organizations whose purpose is simply to bring individuals who otherwise would not have acceptance anywhere else together. Many individuals may not have any other type of acceptance anywhere and take social groups with a great seriousness. The desire of being wanted is not harmful. The extent of someone?s desire and the blindness that this certain desire may cause could be very strong that it could be harmful. Boy Scouts teaches you to start fires and how to tie knots. Girl Scouts teaches you the power of team work when you are selling cookies. When you join a group there is something that you learn on the surface but there are also things that you learn subconsciously.

The feeling of belonging also comes with these groups, and at an early age we all begin to feel that we want to be liked. I will be exploring a certain church group whose name and religion at no point will I mention. We will see how people come into ?The right path? and how they group, people, one, might, because, being, just, able, wanted, church, certain, things, need, going, everyone, take, say, power, idea, feel, even, else, very, time, really, members, god, feeling, every, point, never, groups, go, desire, congregation

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