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“Are we too dependent on technology? ”
Technology, one of the advances development in the world. Some people believe that technology bring plenty of advantages to us and make our life convenient and comfortable, but some peoples think that technology is over convenient and cause us dependent on it. However, in my opinion, peoples have definitely over dependent on technology, I am going to present the facts and evidences to support my opinion. Aren’t we too dependent on technology? We start to use television or smart phone to watch news instead of newspaper, aren’t we? We start to google the questions we had instead of asking the lecture, aren’t we?
Computers, internet and social media play an important role in technology. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and google allow peoples to communicate with each other throughout the world and the speed of spreading a news or video to every corner it is just in a few minutes. According to the research, with this technology, peoples get into their social media day and night instead of nature; students begin to use social media to solve their homework instead of going to school. Meaning, technology had replaced the teachers, school and nature and this caused peoples forget how to communicate with others face to face and peoples do not know how to express their thoughts to others.
Next, let’s talk about the technology of smartphones. I believe that teenagers nowadays have a smartphone. Smartphones have the capability to store document, take pictures, transform into a calculator, store phone numbers and GPS or WAZE. All these features make peoples even depend on their phone, without their phone people would not remember a phone number ever their family’s phone number; without their phone, peoples would not know how to get to the location. News in the STAR newspaper stated that, due to this issue, driver on the road are found that they are always looking at the GPS in the phone instead of the traffic while driving and then lead to accident. Not only this, student begin to have a lots of spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes due they always rely on the auto-correcting spelling in the phone. So, look, aren’t we too dependent on technology?
Besides, evidence in our daily life can prove that technology is over advances and causes our culture getting faded. For example, the electronic toothbrush that we use every day replaced our traditional toothbrush. From waking up to our alarm clock to going to sleep with the air conditional on we are constantly using technology.
On the other hand, some peoples said that technology is really helpful in every tasks and they are not relying on it, because they can just sit down, rest and the machine do all the work which they can done by themselves. This is a wrong concept because when people let the machine complete all the work, people will begin to lost their responsibility and confident to their work tasks.
Last but not least, another common reason people believe that they are not dependent on technology, because they need a laptop for their work or study. In this case, they are wrong because they are not considering that the actually the task can be done without laptop but handwriting or manually.
As a conclusion, all the facts I provided had prove that technology is useful but also make peoples dependent on it. I suggest that, before you get into all these technologies you should spend some time to people around you, take a look to the nature and then put on real effort to achieve your goals without relying to the technology.

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