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Appreciating Our Real Values The idealized images, the pictures of perfection, are what we usually see in advertisements nowadays. Commercials have become a great part that we encounter in our daily life; as a consequence, we are all affected by the perfect outlook of what showed on mass media. As a case in point, Americans are usually attracted by the greatly designed sport utilities vehicles. These vehicles are usually a symbol of an ideological value through the image of a powerful, break-through tool in order to conquer nature.Nonetheless, the gap between the mythic significance of the Subs ND reality is somehow undeniable. From historical to modern aspects, the legend of Subs in stunning advertisements are sometimes Just a disappointment.

The idealized images, however, are often the symbol of how American life is viewed and lived. Thus, the differences between these images of perfection and reality not only illustrate an ambitious dream, but also confusion and the exploitation of historical values. Differences between idealized images and reality reflect the dream of conquering and achieving.According to David Gooey in “Careful, You May Run Out of Planet’: Subs and the Exploitation of the American Myth”, “it was America’s unique values of freedom, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness that became manifested in the automobile – values that imbued the car with definitive mythic significance” (147). Different techniques have been used by manufacturers to advertise their SUB products.

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In fact, advertisements always come with the image of a strong, masculine car passing through the roughest terrain, climbing up a mountain or running through a forest.Regardless of any unfavorable condition, these cars are pictured as never failing to move forward and reach the final destination. This is certainly unreal.

These idealized images are totally different from what reality is, when “The vehicles are designed for rugged, off-road motoring, yet a mere 10 percent of drivers ever leave surface streets or highways”(148). What are the Subs strength and power used for when they are only used on a normal road? The producers wanted to make these seemingly “fake” images into the perception of their customers.In fact, many Subs owners know and understand that their car would Just be used for the same purpose as what small sedans can do. This difference clearly showed the American ambition of being able to conquer more, achieve more, and the idea of “more” has deeply dominated the American philosophy. Americans perceive these images in a totally different way – they consider those as their great American dream and the symbol of the pursuit of happiness. These differences between reality and images are presenting the American pride, and the appreciation of Americans to their historical values and their “frontier”.Gooey declared: “The SUB, in this context, represents the resurgence of the conquering American” (150). However, do these symbolic vehicles really make people enquirers, or become powerful? In fact, we Just choose to accept these images even when we know that they are unreal.

Be that as it may, the reality is so contradictory from what can be expected. Truly, people are Just buying these cars because of their want; they want more, to conquer more, like there is always the word of God telling teem to go.I nose Subs are not only tout ten American cream or ten gratefulness toward the frontier, they are the symbol of motivation, the desire of every American to become a true “frontier”. Thus, according to Gooey, our belief in the brave, ambitious, and limitless frontiers is strong, and is the motivating factor in our lifelong dream to find true happiness (149). The success of Americans is reflected through these differences – they are so far from those idealized images, yet, they conquer, they dare to dream and motivated in order to become “more”.It is the non-stop rhythm of American life where people understand their own values. This factor is the push-forward factor for Americans, and prosperity is limitless. Perfection – Americans are always the “frontiers”, the ones who always want “more” to make their dream come true.

However, these ambitions could lead to “unexpected” cataclysmic result, coming from the denial and confusion of human. The vast differences between the perfect images and reality depict the disastrous confusion of humans toward our problems.A particular example is the case of the Mediumistic Mentor Sport in its advertisement, “pictures a gleaming silver vehicle perched prominently on the rocky shoreline of a wooded lakeside.

The bold black headline proclaims, ‘It Came to Comfort Earth” (Gooey, 154). Ironically, the world is an uncomfortable one. This new SUB is depicted as if it is going to change everything, o conquer, to make the Earth bows down to the power of this small car and to comfort the people who drive it. Yet, it is pictured near such a calm and beautiful nature.An echo-friendly vehicle is totally shown up in consumers’ mind.

It is a lie. WSDL these beautiful nature still exist? Things are changing, in fact. By being the “frontier”, we are damaging our own life. Gooey talked about this as a true irony: Driving a five thousand pound, resource devouring behemoth not only Justifies the impact on the environment, as a meaner of revenge against an enemy, but it acts as a meaner of celebration – the exultation of victory over the salvage beast of nature.The SUB, in its design and presentation, seeks to make safely available that it can ultimately dominate; as such, it attempts to reduce the entire world to the state of a drive through wildlife nature preserves.

At the end of the twentieth century, the SUB perfectly embodies an American mythology of conquest and control (Gooey, 155). We, the people who are seemingly, in our imagination, becoming the “frontier” Just by driving an SUB, are destroying our own world. We create our own life trap in order to conquer more. We become so ignorance about who we are and where we are existing in the universe.This is a confusion. While these symbolic vehicle became a craze, and the images of the frontiers is dominating our mind, we brutally want to “reduce the entire world to the state of a drive through wildlife nature preserve. ” Our own mindset will never stop looking for newer technologies, newer places, and now, we need a newer planet.

We have almost dug to the very end of the well, and people have taken all of the resources- but we want more. To satisfy the desire to become a true “frontier”, we destroy our own world. Our idea of getting more, beyond our own control became our confusion that leads to a tragedy.These illusions and “American mythology of conquest and control” are bringing us to our own apocalypse. The fact that we, the frontiers, always denied that we have nowhere left to go; consequently, we are destroying our own world to keep going. We are confused, and we do not know which direction we are going. People are struggling Walt tense Illusions AT ten word “more” Deanna our own realty identity.

Every year, people celebrate Black Friday, where they spend their money for heap goods; and certainly become the producers’ sheep. However, the differences between what we want versus reality is a totally different story.People wait for hours doing nothing waiting for Just a vacuum or a TV, which they know that they would not use or they would Just going to get a new one after a year. But it has come to a point that people became confuse of those illusion that they cannot control themselves.

Shooting, killing, fighting with people in order to get what we want, even if it is Just a free drink. Images and reality are so different, but people are controlled by those reflect images that they forget who they are. This difference is a disaster, and it can lead to serious destruction of humanity.Furthermore, we destroy our own individual values, as we become “packaged”. According to Thomas Hint in “What’s in a Package”, “still, the sense of uneasiness about encountering packaged people in a packaged world is real, and it shouldn’t be dismissed. Indeed, it is a theme of contemporary life, equally evident in politics, entertainment, and the supermarket” (117). We have become so neglectful and ignorant, that we choose to accept every single “packaged” thing around us.

They are awesomely covered with perfect images and promises – as in politics. Politicians are the great example.Promises, acceptance, and trusts are the tools that many politicians nowadays use for their power.

However, the reality is a totally different story. Those promises are in paper, not in real life. We expected so much about what they say, but obviously, we do not really pay attention to their action. Knowing that we are going to be fooled by those words, we assume that those images are still good, and we still hope. Those hopes, in fact, Just bring debt, wars, and many other socioeconomic problems. It is truly our confusion that is leading us to the failure of humanity.By choosing to accept the idealized images while ignoring our reality, we are exploiting our own historical value.

Nowadays, the old stories and the American myths are becoming an advertising tool for producers. The Cherokee Jeep is a popular SUB that Americans proud to have. During war times, these vehicles have contributed a major part in the victory of American in World War II. It becomes the symbol of winning, and “may provide the owners’ pride with a deeper significance” (Gooey, 150) because of its historic and mythical connection.

People have been mistaken thinking that by driving this car, they will be able to become a patriot, and a hero in the conquest of evil (Gooey, 151). In reality, we Just neglecting our own values, and replaced it with that of someone else. Patriotism and bravery come from our own heart, not showing off. Furthermore, we choose to accept what people say without knowing the truth.

The Cherokee, indeed, had both the glorious and painful historical values. Its militaristic connotations, however, are associated with a “traumatic context of Native American history’ (Gooey, 151).The name of a Native American tribe has been used for this car. This glorious name reminds people about such an honorable history of both the Native Americans and the modern Americans during war times. It denotes the prosperity of Americans from the first day Columbus stepped his first step on the “Land of Hopes”. However, we forgot who we really are, and because of “more”, we kill other people and brought us to such a tragic nelsons AT Americans. I née Concorde Jeeps nave Decode ten American pepper, out not everyone driving these cars know the real historical events behind its name.

What if he car has been named “Trail of Tears”? Because of gold, land, and resources, we “frontiers” have pushed the Cherokee people away, killing them, and certainly, “Trail of Tears” has been known as one of the most tragic and cruel event in the American history. Thus, “the manufacturers of the Jeep Cherokee clearly ignore this dismal chapter in U. S. History and instead evoke superficially positive components of a mythic American past” (Gooey, 152). The past is exploited for our own benefit and our assumption. We all want to be the frontiers, but we selfishly using others’ pain in order to achieve unreal things.

Images and reality are so different nowadays that we are all stuck between confusion, denial of historical values, and our own ambitious dream. We have become the “packaged” people who choose to deny our own values in order to exchange for unreal things. We never knew that those symbols will one day reflect our own ignorance and mindless. Just like Tiger Wood or Lance Armstrong – the symbols of the American dreams that have now become Just a disappointment – if we do not know how to be real, we will Just become one symbol of history that get faded way by time.It is our own lesson of knowing to confront reality and appreciate our own values.

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