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I brooded about this for the next few years.

I feel that the reason Dullard harps on the concept of what happened so much is because even though the man exhilarated an immense amount of energy to tact the kids, there wasn’t much for the man in the black Lincoln to do about it. Dullard was right, what was he going to do? “Stake them to an anthill”. To me, Dullard is trying to say that even though life throws things in your face, sometimes it is better to Just let them go because at the end of the day what are you really going to get out of trying to fight back against it.I like to think that my early childhood was an ecstatic time, and that I can recall any moment. Truth be told, I only have a few moments from my childhood that stick to my mind to this day.

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The one that sticks to my memory the most though was the Saturday morning that I thought I had killed one of my friends. When I lived in Arizona, I had a friend who lived Just down the street from me. His name was Tyler. One day, we went to the park and decided to play baseball. He was the pitcher and I was the batter.Tyler threw me the ball and I swung. Bang! I had hit my good friend straight in the face with an aluminum batter.

Directly in the forehead to be specific. I guess at this time in our lives we did not understand depth perception. Or have a sense of it. I couldn’t believe it, he was laying on the ground screaming. Blood was rushing everywhere. I took him and walked him to the nearest house were we rang the doorbell and got helped from the woman who lived there. She called the ambulance. It arrived quickly and Tyler was taken to the hospital.

I stood in the front lawn of the lady house. I still remember that incident to this day. I guess I can still remember it because of the fact that I thought that I killed a kid. Another time, I remember playing football with my dad and his work friends.

Another one of my dad’s employee’s son was there. I absolutely hated that kid. All I did was run around the park and tackled the kid. I was only 9 years old so I didn’t think it was bad, but I just hated the kid with all my heart.

To this day I have never had a crazier hatred towards someone. . Dullard has an alternate purpose to the story besides to entertain the reader. Dullard also wants to tell the reader that even when life throws a bad situation in your face, it’s not always best to deal with it. Sometimes it’s Just better to let it go and move on with your life.

That’s hat Dullard is saying when she says, “He could only chew us out in the Panamanian Jungle, after months or years of exalting pursuit. ” 2. I have to somewhat agree with how far the man in the black Lincoln pursued the children.I know that if a bunch of kids threw snowballs and ice balls at my car, that I would get out of my car and most likely chase them and hurt them.

But, in hindsight I guess that it probably wouldn’t be worth my time to chase them down and waste my energy. 3. At first, the narrator is weary about her feelings for him, then the feelings turn into being afraid and then into a sort of sadness for the man. I think that the pursuer may represent maturity and as time goes on, people become more realistic about things. 4. Because after the man had been chasing them for that long, it seemed like it wasn’t such a big deal.

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