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Wide Cargos Sea Journal #2 In the novel “Wide Cargos Sea” Jean Rays uses inference instead of narrative statement. She uses inference to hint at obey and communication in part two of her book. The reader has to be a careful reader in order to pick up on these references that Rays uses and this will allow them to make sense of what happens to Antoinette. A reference is something that is in relation to, or is connected to something else. In her novel, Rays uses reference several times towards the practices of communication and obey.

As Antoinette follows Christopher into her house, Antoinette notices a heap of chicken feathers. Rays writes, “But after I noticed the heap of chicken feathers in one corner, I did not look round anymore” (Rays 117). When it comes to communication chicken feathers, especially ones from a male are said to be one of the things used. Antoinette, while sitting in Berth’s room with her, noticed white powder that was all over the floor. Rays writes, “As I stepped into her room I noticed the white powder strewn all over the floor” (136).

White powder is another substance that was said to be used in obey and communication. These references help explain what happens to Antoinette/Bertha when they were in England. They help because communication explains why Antoinette went crazy there. She was turned into a zombie and was unable to control herself. This also extends the analogy that is parallel to Victorian marriage. The analogy is that Victorian marriage and communication are the same for Antoinette. She is controlled in both of them and is not able to have control of herself.

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