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AI -Promoting Good Health What is health? Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects, it can be defined in many different ways as it’s a huge factors. Health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as; health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health affects a lot of thing; having overall good health brings huge advantages. Being good overall meaner having perfect physical, mental, social, society health. This is something called having holistic health, ‘holistic’ meaner whole.The holistic approach takes the broadest possible view of illness and disease, identifying multiple causes (both internal and external).

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UK/Hallucinations/Health/ sections . Tm Types of health; Physical: This how your body performs in either every day or more challenging activities. Keeping up with your physical health is very important as it includes doing exercise and maintaining good body shape. Having good physical health can bring a lot of advantages such as; looking healthy, feeling healthy, can make you look younger, keep your heart young.

Having bad physical health can lead to obesity, diabetes Physical health is the easiest aspect to see and measure as it can be visible externally. Mental: Mental health is all about a state of mind, being stressed, tensed, depressed, are all causes to bad mental health. The term mental illness is used when someone is having changes in there thinking, feeling or behavior. Emotional and mental health are very similar as they are both to do with the mind. Emotional Emotional health is only shown inside us, more about our feelings and mind.Lot of people manage their physical health better then emotional health.

Physical health is sometimes visible on us however something like emotions are inside and hidden. Emotional health meaner being able to cope with depression stress and anxiety. Keeping issues and problems inside can cause real harm, really bad emotional health can lead to breakdowns, suicidal feelings, self-harm and over reacting. Social Social health is about maintaining healthy relationships, this could be friendships or family. You can make friends easily, and keep them.Being friendly, trustworthy, love and respect is very important and will help with being more social.

Parietal Spirituality is different for every individual as it reveals a sense of you are either religiously, your own personal beliefs or even principles. This affects your everyday Is to do with the environment around us, something affects everyone without us noticing. A person health is linked to everything in the society that surrounds the person. For example if there is a person that is living in house with damp, cold all the time with no heating.They are likely to keep getting ill.

Looking after your health Is about looking after yourself internally and externally. Having perfect is what everyone wants, no one wants to be ill or feeling unwell. Some people do not know how to achieve good health; I feel it’s about balancing everything out equally. Looking after yourself through all aspects and the advantages are rewarding. When a person is in good health they are able to enjoy everything that life offer, having good health offers freedom and independence not relying on anyone for daily activities.

The meaning of health is different for each individual, As its experienced differently, for example people have varied pain threshold so one errors may go to the GAP for a cold or flu however another person may Just ignore the symptoms and carry on with their everyday life. There’s an old saying which says ‘health equals wealth’ which had two meaning one was that if your healthy you’re more likely to earn more money as you do not pay for medicine, treatment and also you are more focused on work and are able to put 100 per cent into making money rather than worrying about your health.The second meaning meaner poorer people are more likely to get ill as they could be living in poor and unstable environments and cannot afford proper health care. As for wealthy people who live comfortably are happier, safe and secure. Equally a healthy person can have for wealth therefore one could argue that wealth is not measured by money but by the state of your health. Http://www.

CB. Ca/news/health/story/2012/08/10/health-income-cam. HTML Models of health Definition of health can either be from a professional; doctor, nurse or could come from normal people opinion.These definitions are valid because everyone has a different view on health.

The are two models which explain or help with health; Biomedical model is all about professional help and social which is opinions and own pinion. Biomedical model Biomedical model is a illness and healing process which focuses on biological factors. Its a traditional model and it views a human as a machine.

System are seen as which they can be repaired, replaced, or tinkered with.The model concentrates more on physical aspects of health, if we feel ill we go to the GAP who will tell us the problem then either prescribe medication or offer treatments. The advantages of this model is that it find the problem straight away and diagnoses it,the treatment or medication will treat the problem but will not cure it or answer why it happened. The biomedical model treats the illness and ill health however it doesn’t promote good the patient may feel more confident as the doctor/nurse has experience however doctors can make errors or may miss diagnoses therefore the problem does not get resolved.The fact that the model treats you like a machine isn’t nice however its very affective for short term problems as it only take physical health into account. Social model Huge contrast between biomedical and social model. The social model looks at you as a individual as it looks at holistic health rather than a machine and recognizes the importance of factors such as housing, poverty, education and lifestyle on health. Social model makes you realize that the symptoms or illness came from something before and people’s lifestyle choices can make them healthier.

For example damp conditions can cause coughs or even worse asthma. The advantages to this model are that it looks at all aspects, you’re in control of your own health and it also promotes good health. The issues with this model are that there are no steps to follow, you don’t get diagnosed by a professional and can seem very time consuming. The difference between each model clearly stated.

The medical model of health treats people through the use of medicine and treatment; it doesn’t take any factors into consideration or what the illness or dieses was bought on by.Treating the problem and making them better is the only priority which is good thing obviously however it doesn’t tell the patient what the root problem is or how to avoid it. With the social model the care more about the origins of the illness so it can be avoided in the future like for example is breathing is difficult this could be because the patient smokes.

Mascots Hierarchy Abraham Moscow created the hierarchy of needs model in 1940-ass. This helps people understand human motivation, management training and personal development.Shows responsibility of employers to provide a work place that encourages employees to fulfill their potential. This model is still being used in today’s everyday life. And occupy the set of hierarchy. In order to full fill each stage of the pyramid you need tap be satisfied with the bottom stage and go up.

Needing basic things like shelter, air, drink and warmth moves you up to safety. The hard part is maintaining ACH stage as they all linked to one another for example. If you are affected with bad shelter(housing probabilities will make them feel unsafe and no stability.

Love and belonging to something will be lost as they are stressed over this and have no time to spend with loved ones, having these problems and not knowing how to solve them can make a person feel small and there is no full fill or development. Moscow believed that only two per cent of the people in the world achieve self-actualization; where people who were happy with themselves as a whole, They enjoyed being by homeless, and having deeper relationships with a few people instead of more shallow relations with many people. Http://www. Deepening. Com/Moscow. Tm Well being; Wellbeing Is a very critical subject and has many definitions according to individuals. Well-being’ suggests that as well as experiencing good feelings, people need: being happy and fulfilled a sense of individual vitality independent comfortable with life positive self esteem All of the elements cited above play a role in ensuring that people feel their lives are going well, although their importance may vary as circumstances change. However the oxford dictionary has a much broader “wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’.

The illness wellness continuum: We assume that the missing of illness meaner wellness, however there is more degree of illness and wellness. This diagram is called the illness-wellness continuum it health, however on the way there are drugs and treatment available to get you back to neutral, if ignored the this can lead to a young and early death. Moving to the right indicates increasing levels of health and wellbeing which brings huge advantages. Http://www. Google. Co.

UK/emigres? Miguel=http://www. Telegraphing. Com/ template_images/illness-Hallucination’s.Factors that affect an individual’s health: Lifestyle: Choosing lifestyle choices are a huge factor in our lives. As it affects us in our daily life but will also affect us short term and long term. There are many issues/illness that are caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as obesity, heart dieses, liver failure, damaged lungs. A lot of these illness are caused by the decisions we make on how we live however some people have no choice ‘healthy foods’ for example can be very expensive and for that reason low income families tend to buy foods rich in fat and carbohydrates.

The Saccharine report noted that lower socio economic groups: Were more likely to be obese, which would give them a high risk to have a unhealthy life. Had lower birth weights Eat less fruit and Vega Tend to eat more processed foods containing loads of salt and fat. Exercise Is a huge aspect of having a healthy lifestyle, it helps you internally and externally as it can help you lose weight and maintain lean tissue. The NASH recommends 30 miss of exercise for five days a week if people wish to improve their general health. Exercise brings many advantages to people’s lives such as reduce risk of heart dieses, stroke, and obesity.

Give you the sense of achievement, reduces stress and helps with sleep patterns. Socially it helps you make friends and build new relationships by working in groups for sport and also having something in common with people. Lack of exercise can be fatal as it leads to many illness’s. Sitting around doing nothing can affect you socially and mentally as you are not around people. Staying by yourself or having nothing to do can lead to depression. Putting on weight is something no one ekes as it affect your appearance but can also affect your self-esteem.Not liking what you see in the mirror can be hard to go through and lead to emotional problems. Health practices Keeping on top of your health is very important for example getting your teeth checked every year and screenings.

Doing these smalls checks can save you from it healthy meaner is all you ever eat is fruit and vegetables because in fact so many of them can be unhealthy too. Everything should be eaten and done in moderation. Everyone is aware of doing right and wrongs when it comes to your health like drinking and substance abuse.Drinking is done for a lot of reasons such as socially, help people drown their emotions. This fix only works for a small amount of time then it will bring you back to how you were however can also bring bigger problems in a short amount of time. Http://www. BBC.

Co. UK/health/treatments/healthy_living/ Social and community Social is all about family, social class and culture. The illustration shows a big Jigsaw that fits in together that’s what were like we all fit in together but Just like the picture were there different types of pieces.All of things have a huge impact on an individual specially family as you are born around and with them and also a person could be born with genetics dieses. A child is molded into the person they are by their family so having a good stable family will benefit you In the future. Being brought up in a certain way will project on you for example if your parent’s made you go swimming and keeping fit, in the future you are more likely to do exercise, that’s the same with your diet.

Social class Social class is linked to health in that people of a higher social class have better access to better educational qualifications (for example university with no stress of detent loans) which generally meaner increased wealth, they live in better housing conditions, eat a healthier diet from an earlier age and can afford to move if circumstances change rapidly (due to natural disasters etc. ). They can rebuild their lives quicker. Poorer classes have to struggle to eat healthily and face peer pressures from an early age to try not to conform to a high fat unhealthy lifestyle with poor housing and weak education.Culture Beliefs, principles, values and behavior of individual, group or a community. Culture affects peoples view of health in different ways.

For example some cultures forbid to drink alcohol in contrast to some people bought up around constant binge drinking. This can cause some discrimination and prejudice as some practices can be seen as odd and different. Research shows that there are 6.

4 million people making up black population. Indian (1. 8%) Bangladesh (0. 5%) Pakistani (1. 3%) other (0. 4%) The community you are in is about the environment and surroundings.

Having a good community that promotes healthy living and good health is important as you follow your community and it’s a role model and influence. Having a bad surrounding here being a ‘couch potato’ is promoted is going to make you put on weight have no meaning to your day that leads to months and years. Quality of life Ill health that affects individual’s life in many ways for example if you have bad ill health this can affect your work as you are too ill and distracted to actually do any work this can be a bad thing as it can case financial issue.Social life can be affected as you are ill and will not be well enough to go out and see your family and friends. Environmental factors The World Health Organization (WHO) defines environment, “as it relates to health, as all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person and all the related behaviors” Environmental quality has a huge impact on people’s health, as everyday things that are around us can affect our health.

Here are some environmental health themes Pollution Air pollution Is a huge problem caused by exhaust fumes, car buses and waste products, these affect can cause problems internally and externally; allergic reactions cancer asthma birth defects skin irritations assorted toxic effects reproductive problems These small problems can lead to bigger and deathly problems in the future for example as these affect your physical health which is so important in having a good quality of life, the other aspects of health will affected to as it is all linked into holistic health.Air pollution isn’t the only pollution there is also noise such as cars, airplane, buildings sites and neighbor dogs These all affect you one way or another. For example if a dog is continually barking day and night this can make you lose sleep so you get stress and have anxiety, affecting you mentally and emotionally reducing the best quality of life. Housing Living in a bad house or neighborhood affect you in all aspect of health, if your souse is damp and full of mucous this affect your physical health as damp cause study you will not be able to give your 100% to it.This is a long term affect as you could get behind on your studies and fail to pass exams or miss too much work and get fired.

Having small children in that environment can cause severe health problems. Living in a bad neighborhood where people are less socio-economically stable there is more crime, vandalism and safety issue these can all cause stress and lead to emotional and mental health problems. These issues affect your everyday life and not allow you to have the best quality of life.Financial problems Financial; if there is a single factor that affects quality of life, it is financial resources. People who have to work two or three Jobs Just to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads are more likely to suffer from stress issues, which can include both physical as well as emotional problems income plays a big part in the quality of life available to a person, the income they get weekly/monthly determine how their standard of living is as from that money they feed, clothe and house themselves.Having a lot of money in some ways make your life easier but in another makes it ores, having the money to use on beneficial ways as you have access to better health care, activities and money makes some people happier however money can be bad too as you need to work really hard to make the money. Nothing comes free in the world so you could have all the money a human desires however the Job that you do make you work extremely hard and you are under a lot of pressure. Http:// www.

Helium. Mom/items/1967390-factors-that-influence-quality-of-life Everybody has different standards of living, so it really depends on the individual on how and what they class as financially able. None can buy many of the things needed to raise the quality of a person’s life for example Better health care More resource in life The proportion of children living in wordless households has fallen by around 300 000 since 1997 however the level of financial support has increased as a result of tax and benefits reforms.All this is good news as living on low income has impact on the development of children and their health http://www. Healthfully. Gob/2020/ top subjectivity’s/overview . Asps? Topic=12 Conclusion There are many different ways of looking at quality of life, health and wellbeing. The oodles that have been produced help us with understanding our own health a lot better however they have advantages and disadvantages.

Only an individual who is going through there life knows what aspects need to be improved. Using the models it helps you think in many different ways as they all have very different view and opinions.Eve learnt that holistic health is the most popular way of looking at someone’s health excluding the medical model, however taking in mind Mascots hierarchy and the social model. Looking carefully at the aspect I can see the relevance between them that’s why I agree with the holistic views. Even the smallest aspects of health affect short term however may bring huge downfall in the future. Health http://www. Nash.

UK/counterrevolutionaries/lubrication/Pages/ Lubrication. Asps http://www. healthpromotionagency. Org. UK/Hallucinations/ Health/sections . Tm http://www. BBC.

O. UK/health/physical_health/ http://www. BBC. Co. UK/health/emotional_health/ Applied AS health and social care book http://www. Businessman’s. Com/Moscow. Tm http://www.

Cosmologically. Org/Moscow. HTML http://www. Medicine. Ox. AC.

UK/bandoleer/painters/download/what’s/Whitetails. UDF AAA Ill health promotion and prevention. Job roles Health visitor Health visitor are very simple people they are a trained mid-wife or nurse, however, they help parent’s after the birth, going to people’s houses to improve the health of families and children in crucial first few years of lives.They help from the babies birth to the fifth birthday not only for the baby but most importantly the parent’s, for some parent’s adjust really well on the other hand some find it really hard so the health visitor asses the care they need and develop appropriate support programs. The Health Visitor is a Qualified Registered Nurse, Midwife, Sick Children’s Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse with Specialist qualifications in Community Health, which includes child health, health promotion and education. Http:// www.

Hectares. Nash. UK/explore-by-career/nursing/careers-in-nursing/health- visiting/ . Their main roles are Health and development Health visitors do regular checks- by measuring, weighing and screening the baby to check their development and address any issues if there are any the reasons they do it so often is because the baby is young and in a new environment if there is a robber they can face it from the beginning. The first check of the baby will usually be when the baby is only 10-15 days old.Whilst they are there they will do a full examination of the baby and everything will be recorded in a little red book. Thing that will be include are as following like weight, height, reflexes actions. Having a new born baby can be nerve racking and scary for everyone, if it’s the parent’s first baby this whole thing is new and usual.

Parent’s are responsible for a new life. The health visitor is here to help with any little and big thing you may need. They are experienced nurses and mid wife who have years of experience and knowledge that they are willing to share.Advice on family health and minor illnesses When the health visitors do checks and screenings on the baby they need to find out if there 100 percent. If the baby or the parent has any problems the nurse will be there to be there give advice and any treatment to help and monitor the situation.

If the patient or the parent has a serious illness the health visitor will refer them to a doctor or hospital. Ongoing contact with families during the first year, between one to three years and here to five years.From the beginning the health visitor visits the baby and parent every week or month more frequently when the baby is younger. Get less frequent however,still look after and check up on them. For the first five years of your child’s life you will have nonstop support, which is a phone call or visit way. Being a friend Health visitor is someone who gives advice and offers support, the only way the patient will ask for support is if they feel comfortable with the person they are talking to.

Health visitor obviously have a lot of knowledge that have learnt but they also eve their own opinion and personal views.Check the babies’ happiness, adjustment and care When the baby comes out, it’s a whole new environment to what’s its use to and obviously the parent are there to look after it and make feel like home however the parent aren’t always professionals. That where the health visitor comes in because all babies react differently and some can be totally fine however some can be in shock and constantly UN comfortable.

There are many ways of checking the babies’ adjustment the way the baby is taking to its food or crying and sleeping these are all vital aspects.Every professional has a lot of skills and quality that they either train for of Just picked p along the way Interact and build collaborative, strong relationships with families Being someone they can trust and talk to when they need a hand is important so they can feel they can talk to you about everything and anything. Make sure decisions and recommendations are evidence based Making a mistake can cause a lot of complications there for before giving some advice or making decisions it better if the nurse has something to back her decision, Therefore if anything goes wrong there cannot be any loose ends on how she made that decision.

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