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To what extent was Antonio Gaud the greatest architect in European history? Antonio Gaud, an architect, was born on June 25th, 1852 in Rues, Catalonia, Spain. Antonio showed great interest in architecture at a very young age. He eventually ended up going to the Provincial School of Architecture. He then graduated in 1878, and started to work for other companies and then went to the Paris World’s Fair of 1878 and presented his own showcase. This fair really launched his career.

Even though the buildings of architect Stephen Asseverates were impressive, Antonio Gaud is he greatest architect in European history because he designed great and important buildings symbolizing Spain; he made his own advancements in architecture, and inspired many others. Most importantly, Antonio Gaud is the greatest architect because he designed great and important buildings that would symbolize Spain. Gaud makes Spain an architectural example to the world (Solo Morale’s, 3). Gaud made many building during his time and many are highly major and important to his career (Berg’s, 2).

All of his buildings have a source of significance and are architecturally featured. Overall, Gaudies work “gets the Job done” for Spain’s architectural presence. Gaud was well known throughout the rich, and was mainly chosen by people because word spread fast amongst the rich which then got to the middle class and so on (Gaud, 29). People would hear quickly about the amazing Gaud. This resulted in Antonio Gaud getting the Job of working on the Graded Familial on March 19th, 1882 (Gaud, 51). The Graded Familial is known as his most important building he has ever designed and built.

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It is also one of Spain’s greatest as officially pronounced a church on November 6th, 2010 by the Pope. This led to one of his many nicknames, “God’s Architect,” (Overweight). Unfortunately, Gaud died in the process of making the Graded Familial, and even today, with modern technology, it is still not finished. It is not planned to be finished until 2026 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his death. Antonio Gaud is the greatest architect due to his designing of great and important buildings that symbolize Spain.

Furthermore, Antonio Gaud is the greatest architect in European history because e made his own advancements in architecture. Gaudies work was so spectacular that they named an architectural style after him, “Gaud-ism”. The name came from the way he built all of his buildings and that no other architect was building the same way as him (Berg’s, 57). He was very inspired by nature, mainly the way plants form, look, and grow (Gaud, 2). Gaud was very unique and was able to use that quality and incorporate it into his buildings.

One of Gaudies major additions to architecture was his own structure, the “equilibrate” (Gaud, 21). This was a major addition to the field of structural features in architecture. This structure was able support itself and other weight but, without any exterior support or interior supports (Gaud, 22). This added for more innovations, also looked great, so he could use it anywhere he wanted without adding anything extra or making it too bulky. Consequently, Antonio Gaud is the greatest architect as a result of his own advancement in architecture.

Additionally, Antonio Gaud is the greatest architect in European history because he inspired others. Gaudies style can be seen in many other building, including office buildings and parks (El, 19). His style is usually seen in parks. Whether it is the swing set or Just the benches his style is present. Yes, Gaud may have not been the first to use nature as an inspiration but his distinctive style was unique and clearly many followed him. Gaudies structure, the equilibrate, can be seen in other building layouts (Berg’s, 134).

It can be seen when you look at the structure’s skeleton or structure, it must be a Gaud thing to show and express the equilibrate. The equilibrate can be seen throughout the world, not only in Spain (Berg’s, 136). With such a brilliant idea, of course there will be people who change it and warp it so it would become unique too them; however the original is credited to Gaud (Berg’s, 137). Gaud hasn’t only inspired other architects but, also school projects and arts and crafts (Gaud, 79). Many called his buildings, “works of art” (Solo-Morale’s, 24).

This inspired some pieces of art, not necessarily drawings of his buildings but, their own drawings of what they might possibly want to build. Teachers would use a building, like the Graded Familial, and create an art crafts for kids to work on (Permanent, 128). Many times the kids would Just draw on pieces of wax that are shaped like the spires on the Graded Familial. However, Stephen Asseverates is a great architect and some argue that he is the greatest architect in European history. The main reason being is that he designed the Eiffel Tower in 1889 (Lusted). This building can be considered the centerpiece of France.

This building would show what Asseverates had to offer, and that he could untied working even though at first he would be highly criticized (Luster). It is also one of the most recognized buildings; someone could look at a picture and know it. A great phenomenon and did credit some architectural advances (Luster). The Eiffel Tower is a creative building and is very symbolic. As one can see, Gaud is clearly better than Asseverates and will remain superior for many reasons. Gaud has a great building that hasn’t been finished yet and they are still trying to get it done, the Graded Familial.

The Graded Familial is Gaudies thronged stepping stone, along with his many other buildings. Even though Asseverates Eiffel Tower is the centerpiece for France, Gaudies Graded Familial is Spain’s centerpiece. With that, neither of these men took one’s ideas so; no unique architectural features are shared by them. Gaud gave more to the field of architecture; Asseverates didn’t give much, other than the Eiffel Tower. For example, he gave his own unique structure and he gave a new style of architecture. Also, it may be obvious, but Gaud made more than one great building, he made multiple masterpieces.

These two great architects are both talented, but Gaud has done more and contributed more to the line of architecture. As great as Asseverates was, Gaud will always be greater than the man who built the Eiffel Tower. Works Cited Primary Source: Berg¶s, Mass¶ Juan, Antonio Gaud, and Marc Llamas. Gaud, the Man and His Work. Boston: Little, Brown and, 1999. Print. Gaud, Antonio, Aurora Quito, and Christina Months. Antonio Gaud. K¶Len: Demount Monte, 2002. Print. Gaud, Antonio, and Joan Basswoods. Noel. Antonio Gaud. Frenzy: Avalanche, 1979. Print. Solo-Morale’s, Signals De. , and Antonio Gaud.

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