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Summary Proposal System Title Computerized Enrolment System for Nonuser Senora De Uranus Parochial School Proponents: Angel, Kevin Lie C. 37 Assuming SST. Guiana, San Mateo Racial. 09053578779 Description of the System: The proponent decided that the Nonuser Senora De Uranus Parochial School should have a conversion of enrolment system from a manual to computerized one for modern used. The proposed system covers the automated filling of records. Through the proposed system the process of enrolling will be faster and secured. The new or updated system will help the Institution to have a faster enrolment processing.

The proposed system will serve as a tool to minimize the errors that may occur during enrolment period. The registrar will have an easy access to retrieve and find student’s records. When it comes to classification and sectioning it will take only a bit of time and will help save time and effort. In general, the proposed system is user friendly. Its buttons and interface of the proposed system can easily to understand to make the person used this system operated and execute in appropriated way. Project Scope and Limitation Enrolment systems are used in recording a student information.

Registrar office will handle the system for they are the one who entirely use it in enrolment. Part 2 Technical Description A. Introduction Background of the Study The Nonuser Senora De Uranus Parochial School started as a preschool in 1968. Classes were held in a one-room makeshift building beside the parish hall. Since it received an enthusiastic response from the Catholic parent’s, its enrolment increased at an unexpected rate. The Catholic Women’s League Unit of the parish was first asked to take charge of the management of the school as part of its postulate.

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In the school-year 1980- 1981, the school was registered as a non- stock, non-profit corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Official Recognition was granted by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports on October 21, 1987 for the Elementary Department. The High School Department was extended Recognition by the Department of Education on July 31 , 2002. Thus the school offers a complete pre-school (nursery, kindergarten, preparatory), and basic education: elementary Grades 1-6) and high school (1st to 4th Year).

At present, the school is housed in a four-storey building with forty two classrooms, and offices for: Administration and Finance, Rooms for the Faculty (4) and Non-Academic Staff, Library – AVER, Pre-school Learning Resources Center, Guidance Center, Center for Integral Ventilation (ICE), Student Affairs, two Computer Laboratories, (elementary and high school), Laboratories for Technology and Home Economics (THE), 2 Science Laboratories, Industrial Laboratory, Speech Laboratory, Digital Library, Digital AVER, Canteen and

As a Catholic, Parochial and Filipino Educational Institution, we believe that: 1. God is the center and goal of man’s life. 2. Through Mary, Our Lady of Uranus, as out model in her faith in God, persevering hope in prayer, maternal love, and simple and humble lifestyle, we can be faithful to the teachings of the Church. 3. Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus Christ to the Church through the proclamation of the Good News and the living of the Gospel values. 4.

The Parochial School is an integral part of the pastoral plan of the parish. 5. The parent’s and home provide the primary educational environment with the school as active partner 6. Education is a life-long process towards the person’s holistic formation, upholding the dignity of man in a culture of life and love. 7. To achieve quality basic education, Christian Formation(Religion) must be the core of the curriculum 8. Our graduates are agent of total human formation imbued with basic knowledge of moral and religious truths. . Our cocoons community Is a responsible steward AT Go’s creation to promote Ana preserve ecological balance. 10. An ideal Iranian is educated to be of service to there for a transformed society characterized or ruled by peace, Justice and love. SCHOOL VISION AND MISSION VISION: We, a Catholic Educational Institution, envision ourselves as A communion of Chrism’s active witnesses, With Mary, Our Lady of Uranus as our model in living the Gospel values to transform the Filipino society and renew the parish community.

MISSION: We are in a state of mission of: Promoting quality basic education and Christian formation among Roman Catholics with preference for the poor, with Religion as the core of the curriculum: Molding dents to be achievers, demonstrating excellence in communication arts, science and technology: Providing ongoing formation for the total development of the administrators, faculty and staff for the competence to minister to the needs of the school community: Encouraging parent’s to be committed to fostering an orderly wholesome home environment for the living and experiencing of discipleship-in- community; and, Participating fully and actively in the life of the parish community, especially in the sacramental life and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, in order to enhance the role of the laity in the Church. The Organizational Chart Adjectives AT ten system Each step of the study were guided by the following objectives that are expected to be met at the end of this study a way we can established more advantages to the proposed analysis. Facilitates the entire task into a single Job to and more efficient to the user. General Objectives The proposed system aims to provide and improved a computerized enrolment system for Nonuser Senora De Uranus Parochial School using a modern technology. The system will help the school personnel as well as the students in

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