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Morals and ethics seem like the same thing however, they are not.

If you ex. mine the two closely, morals are shown to be what a person believes about what is right and wrong. Ethics are what a society value in a person. The Greek tragedy, Antigen , shows us that are more helpful in a person.

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In the play, by following morals, Antigen was able to be c anent with Antigen’s decision to bury Antigen’s brother, helped bring the city to Antonio one’s side, and helped bring out Antigen’s true personality as a brave and defiant person. Antigen was able to come to terms with her decision to bury her brother, be cause of her morals. ” My nails are broken, my fingers are bleeding, my arms are covered with the w lets left by the paws of your guards – but I am a queen..

. ” (Antigen 508 509).This quo et, using imagery, shows us that Antigen has been hurt a lot by the guards. However, since she was following her morals, she wasn’t giving in to the guards’ abuse. This was only possible because she was content with herself.

Antigen declared herself a queen. If a person d clears him/herself royalty, that means the person is confident and believes that his/ her ideals are the only correct ones. When Antigen declared herself a queen, it meant that Antigen was co infinite and had not bowed in to the law.

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