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 Another thing that comes with
procrastination is an increase in stress. This is because students wait until
the very last minute to do their assignment. Students get more and more
stressed as the time approaches close to the deadline. Once the day approaches
students have to put everything on hold and focus on this one task that they
should have already started or finished. Then students start to get angry and
frustrated at the teacher for giving them an assignment. Students cannot blame
anyone but themselves since they waited until the last minute.  This stress will continue to increase if they
have more assignments to do that same day. Students begin to worry about if
they will finish their work on time. Procrastination also makes students doubt
themselves. This shows up in their final product of the assignment.

One of the biggest reasons why assignments tend to get mark downs is
because people tend to procrastination. Procrastination has a bad effect on people’s
performance and it shows in their work. This leads to bad grades. The quality
of their work comes off as poor. People won’t learn how to discipline their
self, if they are always waiting until the last minute. This causes people to
be stressed out. Procrastination does not allow people to look over their work
before turning it in. Proof reading is a very important step that should not be
skipped over. Then people also tend to run out of ideas when their typing.
People are not able to come up with many ideas when under pressure. This causes
them to look for ways to cheat. Then people are not able to reach the length

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Barely made it. Its 12:00a.m. and
Jasmine just beat the clock. She turned her paper in at 11:59p.m. Seven seconds
later and Jasmine’s paper would have been considered late. Despite having been
assigned this assignment two months ago. She still waited until the day of to
type her eight-page paper. Now, how many people have this same problem? Procrastination
is a pretty common problem for lots of people, especially students. Procrastination
can be a very bad thing because it results in bad grades, stress, and poor work
habits. Solutions to this problem is for people to set times to work on assignments,
start when an assignment is given to them, and do not wait until the last

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