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Another essential point, HIV screening test should be enforced in Malaysia because this will get protection for the couples.  Having HIV screening test is not only protect the couples’ health, it also protects their marital relationship. Therefore, checking for a HIV test is essential for the couples to closer their relationship that all is based on intimacy and trust. Couples should treat their future partners faithfully without any secret from their spouses. As a result, marriage is considered as a legal contract to build their faithfulness and shape their own family if they have a healthy body. However, before entering into a marital relationship, HIV screening is a best and effective way for the couples who have premarital sex without protection to check for their spouses’ HIV. That is to say, the majority of spreading HIV is through sexual-intercourse, blood transfusions, sharing needle and during pregnancy or through breast-feeding. With this in mind, HIV screening test substantially will help to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to partner and their future children if the couples take action as fast as possible before they get marriage. Based on the data provided that, there was over two million children in the world have acquired the disease through their mother who are infected with HIV (KK Women’s And Children Hospital, 2017). Then again, statistics show that every 3-4 children face the risk of being infected from their mothers while they are in the womb, during delivery and through breast-feeding (KK Women’s And Children Hospital, 2017). From the virus of HIV, baby will have problem in health if the pregnant women are HIV carrier. For instance, premature birth, low birth weight, craniofacial anomalies and even cause death. In order to prevent those effect happen, mothers should have HIV screening test as early as possible during or before pregnant because the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV is low if detected early. Giving newborn baby a better start of life is crucial before couples pregnant (Baby Center Medical Advisory Board, 2012). Talking about the quality of life, it is usually related to health condition. Therefore, couples will guarantee to improve their quality of life and have a healthy lifestyle by having HIV screening test before they get into marriage. After the screening test, this will make the couples to feel more comfortable and relax to each other and it could be protect them from mentally illness.  Likewise, in order to a healthy body and thus brings a healthy and happy marriage. Therefore, HIV screening test is important for all couples before marriage and this policy should be enforced in Malaysia to protect all of the couples’ health, relationship and their children. To summarize, HIV screening test is giving us a chance to prevent and treat it early.

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