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Animals. For 60% of Americans they are the joy of their life. But for the other 40% some can call them test animals. For these animals abuse is the only attention they can get. This option for testing drugs and other inhumane artifacts has been allowed since 1922. Scientist are taking advantage of the beautiful creatures on this Earth. If they weren’t meant to be treated like any other, then why are they here? The barbaric use of these animals is not humanly okay. A quote from Jeremy Bentham can explain this all in one sentence, “The question is not, can they reason, nor, can they talk. But, can they suffer?” This brings me to this point that the suffering of animals during testing is evil. Why neglect these animals when there is always another way, and this alternative can lead to better success. Also, many people say that there are laws for  protecting  animals but there are not laws for most. Animal testing is plain old cruel and heartless. Animals should not be taking this brutality if there are other ways. These testings need to come to a stop.   Animals can suffer in any way, shape, or form during testing. Imagine being locked up with no light of day. You hear the sounds of deep footsteps that move down the lonely hallway. You smell the fear and breathe it in. All you can do is move to the back corner of the enlocked cage. But, it makes no difference. The boots are moving faster and faster till they stop and you’re blinded by the light. The bulky pale hands lie on your back and there is no way to get out of the brawny grip now. Your yanked out of the only home you have and you know death is coming your way. This is how animals that are being tested can feel everyday. According to the article, “Experiments on Animals: Overview” More than 100 million animals are killed caused by animal testing. This happens each year. Dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, mice and even more animals are exposed to the unusual acts of the scientists. Humans our selves are mammals so why treat other mammals like trash and not the humans who are causing environmental issues. To addition of those 100 million animals are even more animals. This animals are out in the wilderness and instead if suffering they are actually dying naturally. This escorts me to the point that only 10% of animals tested are protected by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). So the majority of animals being tested aren’t being protected and are fully exposed to brutality. That is why there is a staggering rate of animals dying per year. Furthermore, from the article “Cruelty to Animals in Laboratories” can describe the way animals can be treated after testing. “After enduring the terrifying, painful procedures, animals are then usually dumped back into a cage without any pain killers.” To put this into a perspective of a human it would be like getting the most aching surgery ever then being told that there was no medicine that you could use to ease the pain. But, this would also be over the span of up to 2 years and more. Pain like this is endured  by too many animals over the world. Animals can suffer just as much and even more as humans do. Why treat them like they don’t?Suffering of animals can stop. This can happen because of an easy way called non animal testing. Yes, there are such things as computer testing that don’t have to involve the pain of innocent creatures, and that can include less errors in the process.  In the text, “In Testing” they bring up the fact that there is a 40% error rate testing for chemicals on human skin. Also, that 10 out of 25 tests were incorrect. This is a big risk. If a brand came out with a new product and had an animal test it. There is a chance that it could pass the animal but when it makes its way to a human it could not pass. The whole reputation of that company is underway and perhaps demolished. Another point form the same article is that many animals have shown no chain between glass fibers and cancer. These animals can include baboons, rats, monkeys, mice, guinea pigs, and hamsters. The mouse is one of the most wanted animal for testing and now we can’t put our full trust in tests using mice. This can become a big problem for the company and the mouse. What can happen to a mouse is if they are using mice for the test and it fails once then twice then a third time. That same mouse has been through a lot all for nothing. This can be said as a waste of an animal. Now, from the article, “Alternatives to Animal Testing” is the quote, “Both healthy and diseased tissues donated from human volunteers can provide a more relevant way of studying human biology and disease than animal testing.” Right out of the ballpark it says that using another way of testing by taking tissues from human volunteers is better than the standard animal testing. This can cause less pain for animals and less pain for humans. For example, if we go back to that same product by the same brand that did pass the animals if that scientist used human tissue the seller wouldn’t have to exit the cosmetic world. Perhaps their career would be saved and so would everyone that uses that product would too. Animal testing should be put to a stop when there are other ways that can have way more success.Not all animals are being shielded by the hazards of testing. Some may argue, “Yale and other researchers institution must adhere to these guidelines or be subject to fines and cessation of research studies involving animals.” This has been spoken by Nancy Triano who is a researcher from Yale. This is stating that researchers using animals and are using them incorrectly will be fined. I can understand this, but the AWA which is the only association for protecting animals and it only can cover certain species. According to the article “Laws and Regulations” by Neavs these are the species that are covered by the AWA, “For the less than 10% of animals in labs covered by the AWA (dogs, cats, nonhuman primates—such as chimpanzees and monkeys—guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and other warm-blooded animals)” The AWA excludes animals that are cold-blooded. Also, farm animals raised for food and fiber; cows and pigs. If 90-95% of animals are excluded from the AWA. That means that they are in risk of many dangers and abuse. To add to this, from the USDA is an informational article that says, “The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) requires that minimum standards of care and treatment be provided for certain animals bred for commercial sale, used in research, transported commercially, or exhibited to the public.” These is more animals that are protected by the AWA but still not every animals is protected. The AWA can control the treatment of animals during research, transportation, exhibition, and by the dealers. But they aren’t even controlling close to half of the animals that are going through the process of testing. These animals don’t even have a say to any of this. If I had the choice if I were an animal I clearly would choose not to. All of these examples can lead up to again 100 million animals dying. Can you explain to me why animals aren’t taking seriously just as humans are?   Distinctly, animals are not taken seriously. Animals should have their rights and testing should not be in the books for them. So many animals are dying each year because of a problem we can prevent. These creatures don’t have to suffer the brutality of researchers and scientists anymore. In the modern world there is more advanced technology so why not take advantage of it. There are in vitro tests, stem cell and genetic testing methods, microdosing (humans are given very decreased quantities of a drug to test the effects on the body on the cellular level, this won’t affect the whole body), non-invasive imaging techniques such as MRIs and CT Scans, computerized patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials, and lastly a computer model and stimulants. All of these are better options than having animals feel the unnatural effects of testing.

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