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Andy YoonMs. ChoiArt 922 December, 2017                        Exhibition Response to Baek Nam Joon Art CenterOn December 2nd, 2017, I went to Baek Nam Joon Art Center located in Yongin. I went because my grandfather had gotten the tickets for free, and I remembered my exhibition response.  When I usually would have turned down the offer and stayed home sleeping, I accepted at an opportunity to finish my homework easily.

I got into the car, and me and my grandfather went to the Baek Nam Joon Art Center. We drove to Yongin, and went inside (I thought we would get some special treatment because my grandfather got them from his friend who is in high place..

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but unfortunately not..;). Inside, I rows of televisions immediately caught my eye. I have been there before, but it was just a field trip in grade 6, so I had known Baek Nam Joon was famous for his ‘television art’. But I didn’t remember the arts being this mesmerizing. The televisions were sacked up against each other, and they weren’t the types that you would usually see in a normal living room, as you can see in the picture.

Some were covered with leather, some were made out of wood. Needless to say, they looked very old fashioned. The look and design of the televisions took part, but in my opinion, it was the arrangement of the televisions that mattered. As I said before, they were stacked up, but they weren’t just placed randomly, each different tv was placed in a particular place judged on its shape and size.

At a glance, you could think that these tvs were placed randomly, and I thought that too on my             Mirage Stage – Baek Nam Joon                                                                           first visit. But now I could tell that Baek Nam Joon had put a lot of thought into the placements, and the overall ratio and symmetry. It makes me feel peculiar because it looks unorganized and messy, but feels somehow organized and fits in nicely. The next artwork that interested me was called the TV Garden (TV ??). It was kind of dark and indoors, unlike its name; TV Garden (which are usually bright and outdoors). There were thick layers of plants, and in between those, small televisions were occasionally sprinkled.

The darkness in the room made the TV screens look more illuminated and brighter. The great size of the garden/artwork and the fact that I couldn’t see the garden very well because it was too dark interested me. Overall, the exhibition was more interesting than I thought. Usually, when I go to an exhibition, it would be forced or I wouldn’t have anything to look for, so the tour would be pointless.

But this time, I had something, and was able to observe a lot of interesting things, including my favorite, the ‘Mirage Stage’.

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