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     Andy Weir, born
on June 16, 1972 in Davis, California, is the only child of an astrophysicist father
and an electrical-engineering mother. Unfortunately, Weir’s parents divorced when
he was just eight years old. At a very young age, Weir had a desire and
interest in science fiction novels as he grew up reading famous works of Arthur
C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. Before writing, however, Weir perused as a computer
programmer where he was hired at Sandia National Laboratory at the age of
fifteen. To further enhance his career and knowledge of programming, he decided
to admit at The University of California San Diego where he studied computer
science. Even though he may have not graduated, his career as a computer
programmer was a success as he worked for top-tier software companies such as AOL, Palm,
MobileIron and Blizzard, where he worked on the popular 1995 video game, Warcraft
II: Tides of Darkness. It wasn’t until Weir was in his twenties were he
discovered and utilised his profound talent of writing by creating many science
fiction novels and publishing them online. In 2009, Weir published his first famous
and recognisable short story called The
Egg. It was originally posted on his website, Galactanet and from that day
forward, it has been translated into thirty other countries, symbolizing its
great achievement. The success of The Egg
influenced Weir to write his first novel called The Martian. He began to write the novel in 2009 but was not
completed until 2011. However, throughout the process, Weir would post new
chapters that he wrote onto his website. This is interesting because many
people witnesses and read the #1 New York Times Bestseller for free and before
it was actually published. After noticing a large audience reading his novel,
Weir decided to put it on e-reader for free. After a high demand of requests,
Weir later sold his novel on Amazon for only ninety nine cents. Six months
after its release on Amazon, about 35,000 copies we sold which means Weir only
made a profit of thirty cents for every book sold. With such success, The Martian made it to the Kindle
bestseller list. As more copies were purchased on Amazon, an agent met with
Weir and together agreed to sell the rights of the novel to Crown Publishing
Group. The Martian was then awarded as Goodreads choice for Best Science
Fiction in 2014. Following its success as a novel, it was later produced and
re-enacted as a film in 2015. Nowadays, Weir currently lives in Mountain View,
California, where he published his latest novel called Artemis.

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