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Analysis of Religious Tourism Trends WorldwideSupervised By:MS AMEERASubmitted By:Asif RazaMian Maaz AliMalaika AliAcademic Session2017-2019Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to our teacher Ms. Ameera Muzamil as well as our director Mian Shahid Mahmood who gave us the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic “Analysis of Religious Tourism Trends Worldwide”. Which also helped us in doing a lot of research and we came to know about so many new things, we are very thankful to them.

Secondly, we would also like to thanks our friends and colleagues who helped us a lot in finalizing this project within the limited time.We made this project not only for marks but also for our knowledge. Table of ContentsSR# Contents Page #1 Acknowledgment 22 Introduction 43 Significance of Study 54 History 65 Literature review 96 Hypothesis 117 Operationalization 118 Methodology 139 Data Interpretations 1510 Conclusion 3111 References 32CHAPTER 01IntroductionToday, the top of the benefits of tourism is one of the major revenue and in religious tourism area and the religious tourism cannot be ignored because the religion of every country holds equal importance as other sectors have.

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Religious tourism is understood as trips undertaken to gain knowledge of a particular religious place or objects their main goal is about knowledge and education. Pilgrimages include travel to a holy place for spending time in prayer only additional tourist visit other holy places and sacred objects. In religious tourism mostly people travel on the basis of their faith. They usually travel individually or in groups only for the sake of their inner spirituality.

According to the world largest form of mass, religious tourism takes place annually has the best example of Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.CITATION Rau14 l 1033 (Hajela, 2014) Religious tourism is the most ancient way of tourism so it is the worldwide phenomenon of religious history it can be differentiated into two various forms of short-term religious tourism and long-term religious tourism. The short-term religious tourism is only based upon the pilgrimage, centers, religious conferences while on the other hand the long-term on the basis of several days or weeks to national or international pilgrimage sectors conferences.

According to research titled the researcher is intended to study the major religions and exploring their tourism destinations The largest revenue generating tourist attractions are Hajj(pilgrimage of Mecca) Saudi Arabia and Christianity temples Western wall in Jerusalem, (Israel) is the most visiting tourist attractions for the religious tourism. These places are the mostly the fascinating heritage along with the rich and natural history that helps to make these destinations for Muslims and Jews as a leading tourist forum. Most people travel for their faith or for their joys and to visit their desired destinations. Because today’s public is so much sophisticated and well aware about desired destination culture, food, lifestyle customs buildings or the environment points. Today there are 100 of companies which work for the survival of faith travelers and the marketing related operations.Religious tours also take place in Europe. Holy land and catholic tours take place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This tour is done in many days as there are many religious destinations included in this tour like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, River Jordan and Mount of Olives. Fatima Lourdes Pilgrimage includes a tour to Portugal, Spain, France and Barcelona this trip includes 14 days. Rome holy land and pilgrimage gives a chance to learn about the early history of churches in Rome and more inspirational part of this trip is a walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in the holy land.

Catholic tours of Italy include Rome, Loreto, Assisi, Siena, Venice, and Milan. This trip includes 13 daysCITATION Blu l 1033 (bluehearttravel, 2018). Religious tourism in India is also a huge source of revenue.

According to a report, there are about 84% Hindu in India.CITATION Cul l 1033 (culturalindia, 2005).Indians are very spiritual they perform many devotions to their Gods and perform many yatras. Vishnu Devi Yatra includes 5 to 6 nights and includes Delhi, Jammu, and holy mother temple.Objective of the StudyThe study will highlight the religious trends and it will also highlight the tourism trends with respect to the religion. The study will also explore the major religions worldwide.

The study explores the symbolic cultures of every specific religion under this research. People belevies on their ancestor’s beliefs. The study also includes statistical data about religious trends. The significance of the study:As for accounting, the ranking of the world’s largest religions are Christianity 2.1billionIslam 1.3 BillionHinduism 900 millionJudaism 14 millionSikhism 23 millionCITATION Sta l 1033 (Statista, 2012)Half of the world population covers the world under the Christianity and Islam. According to the survey, the Indian continent was one of the major sources of the huge growth of religions including Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Christianity.

Due to all this, the world map has shaped in proper historical ways and thoughts. This research includes the world’s major religions their origin, world’s major religious tourist destinations. Research explores the world’s facing problems in religious tourism, barriers in religious of the most well-known world widely religions are Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Jews.

Due to so many religions in the world, everyone belongs to different religion with different customs, different way of living style, different spirituality, a different way of thoughts, and different mindset due to religion point of in this way people belongs to different religions so surely they are different from each other. One of the main things is that every religion has its own style of worship.

They believe in different ideas. Hinduism and Their BeliefsMostly Hindu belongs to Brahman. They divided their worship into so many gods.

They worship so many temples, gurus, rivers, and animals etc. Hindu believes in these concepts such as Truth, dharma, and karma. Hindu does not believe in the Day of Judgment.

They believe in the birth of the same soul in a different body.CITATION Pri l 1033 (Prime Travels, 2018)Christianity Christian’s basic history starts with their Lord called Jesus Christ and begins with the history of his life and death according to Christians believes they create and make a view for their God. They call the Jesus Christ the son of the God.HISTORYHere are the world’s major religions IslamAccording to the ancient study of Islam, it mostly based on the political, economic, social and cultural development of the Islamic civilization.

The major concern is the previous history that recorded in Islamic oriented place known as Mecca and Medina in the 7th century. The first time Islam was spread across Africa but most people believe that its origin was Mecca and Medina. According to a worldwide survey Muslim strength all over the world is 1.6 billion adherents or 23% of the global population. The prophet Muhammad took a vision of Islam and suffer a lot to spread Islam. At one occasion Jabraeil came and Muhammad “recite in the name of lord these were new changes which become the base of Islam in the form of holy book called Quran which is the holy book of Muslims and core strength for Islam or in this way the people came all over the world from different culture and different religion and emerge in to a one core center called Hajj. Muslim’s Religious DestinationsMasjid Al-Haram (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)Masjid A-Nabawi (Medina, Saudi Arabia)Majid Al-Aqsa ; Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem, Palestine)Battlefields of the Prophet (Badar ; Medina)Cave of Hira(Mecca Saudi Arabia)ChristianityChristianity history concerns the Christian religion.

Christianity started in the 1st century to the present. Roman Catholic and eastern Christianity spread to all of Europe in the middle ages. Christianity is based on the life and teaching of Jesus. The traditional story of Jesus tells us his birth in Bethlehem in the holy land to a young virgin called “Mary” who became pregnant through the action of the Holy Spirit. Christian’s holy book is the Bible.

Jesus was put to death when he stated publicly that he spoke with the authority of God. According to the 2010 study world’s largest religion was Christianity as 2.2 billion adherents nearly 31% of all 6.9 billion people on earth. These are major Christian countries are United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Philippines, Nigeria, and Germany.

CITATION Chr l 1033 (Christian Travel, 2018)Christin’s Religious DestinationsJerusalemAbu GhoshThe Jesus TrailMount CarmelBurqin ChurchAl-Qubeiba CITATION Blu11 l 1033 (Blue Heart Travel, 2011)JewsJudaism is one of the earliest religions founded in the world over 3500 years ago in the Middle East. The way of their believes in their godship and worships for their gods and the way to set holiness and ethical believes to the world. The basic core of origins of Judaism lies in the Jews. CITATION BBC091 l 1033 (BBC, 2009)Jews Religious Destinations Western WallThe Western Wall TunnelsCity of DavidTemple MountMount Zion-Jerusalem Hindu’s Religious DestinationsVishnu Devi Temple Jammu KashmirGolden Temple Sun Temple (Jagannath Mandir)Somnath TempleRanakpur TempleTirupati Sikh’s Religious DestinationsThe Golden TempleAnandpur SahibFatehgarh SahibGurudwaras in DelhiPatna SahibCHAPTER 02Literature reviewReligious tourism is one of the rapidly growing types of tourism trends in the worldwide. According to World Tourism Organization 300 to 330 million people visit world’s key religious destinations. Religious tourism includes a range of activities, such as pilgrimages, missionary travel, monastery, faith-based camps/events, religious conferences and gatherings CITATION CBIER l 1033 (CBI, 2016).

Religious tourists travel to meet their religious and spiritual needs. Spiritual tourism, which may not be part of religious tourism, is related to religious tourismAssociation one quarter (25%) people were interested in taking a spiritual vacation the age group was 18-34, 35-54 and 55+ expressing interest in taking spiritual vacations. These numbers are likely to be higher today, as the absolute number of both believers in God and secularists is increasing. CITATION RES06 l 1033 (RESULTS FROM TIA’S VOICE OF THE TRAVELER SURVEY, 2006). All this information means that the religious / spiritual tourism market is growing and continues to grow.

Thus spirituality, as well as religious travel, is moved away from the field of spiritual enrichment/well-being and turned into business to be sold. The purpose of this document is to review current scientific and educational articles on religious tourism, market development, and profit development before introduced as a potential agent in religious tourism. The market will clear the impact of brand and price changes. This article narrates the purpose and interest areas of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations specialized agency entrusted with the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. CITATION Uni l 1033 (United nations world tourism organization). The state of an art is being familiarized by the WTO that shows the research which is also an art of the state that information the given data to community.

As by the researchers thus discovered tactics and goals throughout the year. The informative techniques has a vital support in the ongoing development of tourism industry. Therefore, involved risk investing in the industry that also includes documentation & legislation issues. Meanwhile, the industry provides development and introduces the opportunities having new trends.

The extension in investment return should be more than enough for the superiors to believe that the industry products helps increasing the tourism revenue with outcomes of the authorities by providing fair deals towards the community. Religious travel is not a new phenomenon. Religious has long been an essential content for undertaking journeys and is usually considered the oldest form of non- economic travel CITATION Jac l 1033 (Jackowski & Smith, 1992).

Every year millions of people travel to their significant holy places around the world both ancient and modern in origin. Jackowski (2000) estimates that nearly 240 million people a year go on their holy places, the mainly being Christians, Muslims, and Hindus.Manish Srivastava (2009) according to his article assessing international heritage tourism satisfaction in India according to nowadays will be huge places where different culture, history and abstract of artistic work and international traveler high attractive by all of it. By writer heritage in tourism of India is like a ground with full of the soil of culture and heritage which create new talents, create flourish kind of relation between the visitors and a host of people. While most of the tourist get satisfied with tasty food, the attention of the people of India or traditional hotel facilities or culture of Indian people.

They may be disappointed due to lack of airport facilities, bad road condition, illegal guide or not proper maintenance of cultural or heritage places. Moreover, tourists are more satisfied with the guide provided on the behalf of the Indian government. A Madhavi Chockaliinam and Auroubindo Ganesh (2010) through his article view ” Problem encountered by tourism “that tourism is the fastest growing and developing industry in the developing countries like India, Jerusalem, Saudi Arab, or in all over Asia. Its going to study that is there any kind of significant difference in the problem faced by the respondents which mostly based on the demographic factors by making an effort or reducing the level of hurdlers or common tour problem and encourage the people to look a frequent tours to their tour destination for building a better society and create better national economic development then before. By adjust to solve the problem and reduce the intensity of tour.

Major problems and agreements made for the stay, visit and transport and unexpected expenses. These kinds of problems will act as a supportive industry. Through critical analysis of tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty which create an image factor by affecting the tourist for the sake of visiting the place or skip it over.

For finding the purpose that will be highly important for the destination manager by improving the positive image in the eye of visitors.Hypothesis “Tourism has promoted the religious heritage worldwide”. This hypothesis mainly focuses on identifying or describes the problem face due to the newly developing industry of tourism. The main objective is to identify the people faith in religion with a complete scientific hypothesis or our made hypothesis is inadequate for the religion may be so basic thing is that religion is the matter of experience not only the theoretical feature. At the end hypothesis on which our experience rest are modified by the growth of that experience which is held by this supportive industry or tourism. OperationalizationSafety at and securityThe safe environment with full of peace is the key issue for all kind of traveler .people mostlyDo not want to travel to the rural areas due to security problems they mostly private or take theinitiative for the launch of their desired destination with full of amusement and fun.

Accommodation problem.Accommodation is one of the key demand of any tour or tour guide. Operator travel and tourist need proper lodging for the rest. Accommodation is of several types low budgeting and home or luxuries’ hotel its all depend upon the personal budgeting of the tourist.Government effort or supportBasic tourism departments are building for the betterment of the economic development of the tourism industry in a country the partnership between the protected area management agency and national management department they both work for the planning that weather to sits, a plan for the support of the tourism support.CITATION UKE17 l 1033 (UK Essays, 2017)Health and hygiene issueFew are the major country have a spectrum of competitiveness among them for the attract the tourist on the bases of food and hygienic food for the coming tourist. CITATION SCT17 l 1033 (SCTH, 2017)Tour and guide facilityThe careful tour cooperator provides an itinerary for the proper tour or easy destination for the tourist who will be very beneficial for both the tourist and guider etc.

Language and culture barriers English, Spanish and French are the most spoken language in all over the world which could offer the tread, investment and tourism .so language gap is the basic issue in today’s tourism industry.CHAPTER 03METHODOLOGYResearch MethodologyThe process used to gather information and data for the purpose of research. It may include surveys, interviews, and other techniques. It means how research is done scientifically. It is a way to systematically and logically solve a problem.

Our research method is based on qualitative research.Qualitative Research Qualitative research works on people’s behaviors and attitudes. Qualitative research helps to develop hypothesis and ideas. It provides insights into the research.Data CollectionThis research contains data collected by questionnaire.Surveys: Survey method studies the sampling of individual units from a population and associated techniques of survey data collection such as questionnaire construction methods for improving the number and accuracy of responses to surveys.

Sampling: Sampling is a process in which a complete statically procedures or analysis are taken place for the selection of the individual observation to make our statically obstacles for collecting the data related to the large population. Basically, the methodology used to sample from a large population depend upon the type of analysis have to implement sampling may be random or systematic sampling CITATION Sam l 1033 (investopedia, 2018).Population: Population is the number of species living together in a same inhabitant and residences CITATION htt l 1033 (htt).Unit: unit is to join together something to make it one or to join it in a political whole CITATION Rog14 l 1033 (Rogets, 2014).CHAPTER 04DATA INTERPRETATIONSDemographic AnalysisThe research is successfully done.

Males are 54%.15-25 age group is 68%. Graduation people are 65%.

The job holder is 72%.mostly people are single at 81%. Our survey is done on the bases of data analysis and most of the search task is performed on excel and Microsoft world and most of the survey is done on the bases of 100 respondents so survey is successful analyzed by the upper authorities and most of the search is qualitative type of research and data sampling, research methodology is also successfully perform.

Content analysisResearch is done and data is collected through a survey. Our research topic is an analysis of religious tourism trends worldwide. Research is based on qualitative. The hypothesis is “Tourism has promoted the religious heritage worldwide”.Tourist security is the most important element which is on the priority when the tourist consider for the tourism for example the survey has been shown that and it is clear that safe and peaceful environment is the basic requirement of the tourism as survey shows that 59% of the people agree upon it there is a very least strength of people who don’t prefer tourism which is all about 4%. If we consider in perspective of the religious tourism here the most of people are Muslims and the people prefer religious tourism Hajj and Umrah and if we consider these there comes two main factors accommodation and visa problems.

The survey shows that 52% of the people agree upon it that accommodation is their primary concern. Definitely, it shows that most of the people consider accommodation and always think of accommodation when they go to religious tourism because this tour is not for only 1 or 2 days. It’s a tourism of around 10 to 30 days. Also, expensive accommodation in peak seasons made tourism down as only 39% people agree. Governments should create some policies in reference to religious tourism. The survey shows that 50% of people agree that infrastructure and road facilities should be regarding religious tourism this helps to make the tourism industry fast. Government agencies play a major role in promoting the tourism industry.

Transportation charges should be reduced in order to increase religious tourism. Health and hygiene have always been a major concern for travelers government should create policies and health centers for the tourist’s health and hygiene. Travelers need a tour guide in order to reach their right destination as only 2% people disagree for tourist. There should be travel and tour guide for all travelers who are visiting religious heritage. Tour guide directs the visitors only 2% people disagree and 2% disagree.

Q.1: Tourist security is the priority for all tourists to visit any place.strongly CITATION 17Th l 1033 (2017)agree % 40%agree % 52%neutral % 7%disagree % 1%strongly disagree % 0%   Total 100%Q.

2: Safe & peaceful environment also promote the tourism?strongly agree % 59%agree % 31%neutral % 6%disagree % 4%strongly disagree % 0%   total 100% Q.3: Safe and secure environment in Mecca will more promote the Hajj.strongly agree % 40%agree % 36%neutral % 16%disagree % 7%strongly disagree % 1% total 100%Q.4: Accommodation is the primary concern for all tourists.strongly agree % 31%agree % 52%neutral % 8%disagree % 8%strongly disagree % 1%   total 100%Q.5: Expensive accommodation in peak seasons made down tourism. strongly agree % 33%agree % 39%neutral % 14%disagree % 12%strongly disagree % 2%total 100%Q.

6: Governments should create right policies for the development of tourism industry.strongly agree % 41%agree % 36%neutral % 15%disagree % 5%strongly disagree % 3%   total 100%Q.7: Better infrastructure and road facilities by the government help to make the tourism industry fast.strongly agree % 38%agree % 50%neutral % 6%disagree % 4%strongly disagree % 2%   total 100%Q.8: Government agencies play a major role in promoting the tourism industry.strongly agree % 29%agree % 49%neutral % 11%disagree % 9%strongly disagree % 2%   total 100%Q.9: Visa process information should be delivered fairly to all citizens for the religious tour.

strongly agree % 35%agree % 54%neutral % 9%disagree % 2%strongly disagree % 0%   total 100%Q.10: Transportation charges should be reduced in case of the religious tour.strongly agree % 37%agree % 37%neutral % 16%disagree % 8%strongly disagree % 1%   total 100%Q.11: Health and hygiene have always been a major concern for travelers.strongly agree % 35%agree % 47%neutral % 7%disagree % 9%strongly disagree % 2%   total 100Q.

12: There should be a travel and tour guide for all travelers who are visiting religious heritage.strongly agree % 34%agree % 48%neutral % 14%disagree % 2%strongly disagree % 2%   total 100%Gender AnalysisMALE 54 %FEMALE 46% TOTAL 100%Age GroupAge range15-25 68%26-35 25%36-45 4%45-55 1%55-65 2%Total 100%Education AnalysisMatric 1%Intermediate 24%Graduation 65%Masters 8%Phd 2%Total 100%Job AnalysisStudent 28%Job Holder 72%Marital StatusSingle 81%Married 19%CONCLUSIONOur hypothesis is “Tourism has promoted the religious heritage worldwide”.The basic purpose of visitors is to see the cultural heritage and worship. Religious tourism trend is increasing day by day in all areas of the world. A huge gathering of Muslims occurs during the month of Zil-Hajj at the grand event of Hajj.

Muslims from different nations and from different continents come to gather at one place to pray. Muslims believe that God is one and the whole universe is made by the Allah. A Muslim place of worship is known as Mosque.

Holy Quran is the foundational text of Muslims. Hindus believe in different gods they have a god of fire, god of air, god of animals. Even Hindus worship a cow which is slaughtered in Islam on the day of Eid ul India, there is disputes regarding the cow slaughtering. Vedas is holy book of Hindus. Christians believe in Jesus they believe Jesus Christ is the son of god and the holy spirit he hanged till death.

He will come before the Day of Judgment. A Christian’s place of worship is known as Church. The Bible is holy book of Christians. Sikhs believe in their Guru Nanak Singh. Nanak brought reforms to moral values. A Sikh place of worship is known as gurdwaras. Judaism is the religion of Jewish people it is an ancient Abrahamic religion with the Torah as its foundational text.

Religious tourism is increasing due to safety and security betterment. People consider health and hygiene as a priority.Accommodation is the basic need for visitors. Visa policies are improving which influence people to travel more and more. Better infrastructure and road facilities promote more tourism.REFERENCES BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 BBC. (2009, 06 12).

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