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During the Soviet Union times, a lot of Lithuanian emigrated to the west. It caused a great loss Of talented and intelligent people such as writers. By that time in Lithuania were living over three million people which are incredible at this time.

According Undermined. Com at 2011 Lithuanian population was over three million. Now, when migration in Lithuania is one of the biggest problems, population is decreasing rapidly. Lithuanian department of Statistics says that “during the first eight months of 2004, the country’s population decreased by 1 1. Thousand, largely due to continuing high rate of emigration. During this period 8,668 persons left for other countries, 1,769 more than during the same period last year”. It caused crisis which has started in 2009. A lot of Lithuanian citizens are moving to other countries to get better life.

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This country is losing the best workers because here they cannot get good job even they graduated university. Employers want workers with experience, but they do not give a chance for students to practice. They ant employees with two or more years experience in job they are offering.

So this is one of the reasons why young people are emigrating. Other cause is that because of high taxes and low wages people cannot pay for services such as heating or hot water. So they are forced to leave their home country because of higher wages and work place. The main reason for this is that employers do not want to pay higher salaries for workers and in a lot of companies it is huge problem. Of course, do not need to talk about all companies. A huge company such as MARS pays for employees’ salary thou troubles for paying later.

Wage is not the smallest which is considered in Lithuania as 800 lilts. They are giving rewards for good workers and take care of them. This is one of examples in which type of company I would like to work if do not have my own business. Lithuania is a good place to start a business because if you want to run the business here with good conditions for work and quality of services or goods it is great opportunity because Lithuania need more places where people could work.

So it would be good chance to decrease the level Of unemployment.Another factor Of the external environment is economy. It has the biggest influence for running the business in Lithuania. Since Lithuania became independent country economy developed very well. Lithuania started to trade with other countries, make their own products and export them to other countries. The fact that Lithuania became one of the members of European Union made economy stronger but not enough. It was quite good economic situation till 2009 when crisis started. Then everything started to decrease.

It included all types of economic growth.So the economy went down. But now economic situation is not very good or bad. It seems stable for a while.

Maybe in a few years economy will grow. Now it is quite good time to start a business because it would help to attract investments and increase trade. Lithuanian government tries to make the best conditions as possible to start a new business. Lithuania is attractive to investors because it provides the ideal environment for the services. In these few years Lithuania attracted huge companies such as Barclay and Western Union.

My home country also provides foreign investments in industry. The Ministry of Economy often tries to attract huge companies from foreign countries to invest or to set up in Lithuania. This strategy is working very well. More and more foreign companies show interest in Lithuanian business environment and corporate with other companies. So in Lithuania from economic side it is quite safe to start a business.

The most influential and made huge progress is technological factor of external environment. It is what Lithuania has to be proud of.Lithuanian scientists made inventions which let the world to know about our country. It as great influence on our economy because Lithuanian made progress in creating new technologies, such as lasers. According to antediluvian. Let “Facts show that Lithuanian laser cluster is becoming more and more established in the world market. The annual sale of its production has come close to EURO 29 million. The annual average growth of the sector accounts for about 20 per cent, and during the past five years sales have increased by as much as 2.

Though the Lithuanian sell the largest part Of laser equipment and lasers in the developed countries, during the recent ears export to the rapidly developing countries such as China, has increased considerably. Tendencies show that the implementation of laser technologies is a significant condition in fighting for the market. ” Also, are advanced in pharmacy. It helps to increase economic stability because of trades and makes bigger budget. Recently scientists created medical tool which helps to treat illnesses associated with brain. We are the first who did it, so soon our country should get patent from the LISA.

It makes great opportunity to create business associated with medicine or creation of new technologies. This kind of environment is very competitive but promising a lot. As we can see in this industry you can earn a lot of money. That’s why the majority of people start their own business. It costs a lot but here we have specialists who are not worse than from foreign countries specialists. Except that they have better equipment for work. But overall, if you want to start a business in that kind of environment, it is encouraging because it is huge opportunity that you will succeed.

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