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Rodriguez was book smart but was not able to communicate with the other workers. In the end the workers were cheated out of fair wages and must find more work. Rodriguez goes back to school where he learns how much he was not taught in school.

Education and conversations are important in Rodriguez essays. He comes from a Hispanic family with strong traditions of family values and dreams of their children’s success. “In the Lonely Good Company of Books”, Rodriguez family hires a tutor to teach him how to read.He became a reader and a good student”, but I was not a good reader, merely bookish”. His parent’s always asked,” What do you see in your books? He saw ways to find a point of view. “Many times, all his learning accomplished was misunderstanding. ” Rodriguez did not look outside the world of books and many times was unable to relate to his friends, coworkers and family. In his essay, “Family Values”, Rodriguez sits outside his parent’s house, wondering how he would tell his parent’s he is gay.

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The essay ties together Rodriguez themes of enlightenment.Hard work did not make him a better man on Mexican. Books did not give him a window to knowledge. Family is defined by love and tolerance. As his mother waits for him to enter the house, she sees her son, not a gay man.

Mom, Dad will you sit down with me and talk about a serious subject. I have to tell you something important in my personal life. For a long time now I have been questioning some of my beliefs.

I really need both of you to listen and let me say what I have to say. I feel like I am trapped inside my body.I know what I have been aught unfortunately my mind and body tell me different. I am going to Just come out and say it..

.. I am Gay! I do not look or feel the same for the opposite sex. Why? I do not know I have tried to fight the feeling but, it is what it is.

I feel like I have the right to be happy and with me coming out of the closet and being able to act out on my feelings I have a chance at happiness. I know that the world will probably Judge me and I have possibly disappointed you. I am sorry for that but even the majority of heterosexual relationship do not work anymore.

So which decision should I make, being right, or being happy? I hope you will accept me and if not I understand. Two authors Rodriguez and Barbara Kingfisher write about family values. In Kingfisher’s essay she says “The family has a long hard history and represents man six when it was Just me and my first sister, it felt like my family did stuff by the book I guess you would say. It was Just more rules and values and was a lot of time together. Later on my family added another little girl and everything was still by the book.

But then at age four she was diagnose with leukemia and a lot of the focus was on her for the next three and half years until she beat it. Everything was good all the kids were healthy and Just living a normal life in Greenwood. A year after my second sister conquered cancer there was another little girl. A few years past and my mother and father got a divorce, It was probably the second worst thing to happen in my life right after my sister having cancer.

I was worried because I did not think my two little sisters would get the same childhood and family values I got.

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