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The American Public Health Association (APHA) works with its members and affiliates to address today’s public health concerns. Their advocacy for public health stands for public health and emergency preparedness, food safety, hunger and nutrition, climate change/environmental issues, public health infrastructure, disease control, and international health, and tobacco control. “Public health saves money, improves our quality of life, helps children thrive and reduces human suffering.

Some examples of the many fields of public health: first responders, restaurant inspectors, health educators, scientists and researchers, nutritionists, community planners, social workers, epidemiologists, public health physicians, public health nurses, occupational health and safety professionals, public policymakers, and sanitarians” (APHA, 2014).

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APHA is mostly funded by its sponsors, one including The Global Health Fellows program. APHA’s aim is to reduce stigma and provide help to those suffering from health disparities. APHA encourages public health advocates to take a stand and act on public health issues. One way APHA does this is by voicing their concerns to policymakers of Congress.

The APHA PHACT Campaign is designed for members, affiliates, and advocates for public health to educate members of Congress to promote public health wellness. “During congressional recess, APHA reaches out to congressional leaders to express support for protecting critical funding for public health agencies and the Prevention and Public Health Fund, and in support of passing comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence” (APHA, 2014). On APHA’s website they provide public health advocacy resources and information on how to get into contact with members of Congress for the public.

APHA keeps up to date with social media and use of multimedia in order to reach out to the public. APHA is featured in many publications and also have several of their own, some including: Conducting Health Research with Native American Communities, A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention, and Veteran Suicide: A Public Health Imperative. It is important for students to have opportunities in the real world to help further their education and professional development.

“The APHA Student Assembly is the nation’s largest student-led organization dedicated to furthering the development of students, the next generation of professionals in public health and health-related disciplines” (APHA, 2014). APHA reaches out to these students by providing them resources for advocating public health and student issues.

These students are involved in mainstream public health issues giving fresh insight and ideas to help further promote public health wellness. American Public Health Association. (2014). Retrieved from http://www. apha. org

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