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american dream The American Dream There are many definitions on how to define The American Dream. Some people see it as having wealth and freedom and not having to worry about financial stability. Others may say that it is working hard for what one has and being able to support his family. Many dictionaries define it as the aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did.

No matter how an individual classifies it, every single one of us has some concept of what the American Dream is. For some, that dream is a reality, and for many more it is a work in progress. As for my parents, their dream changed over time as they grew as a unit.

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According to my father, their dream was to, ?just be together.? At least that is what it started as in the infant stages of their relationship. Throughout the many years of trials, tribulations, gains and setbacks, their true dream was finally realized and then acquired. Both of my parents discontinued high school when they first married. Although neither of them had any formal education at this time, this may not have been the best decision as my mother also discontinued working and dream, parents, work, time, father, years, family, about, business, after, working, things, out, mother, drugs, dad, children, been, way, school, people, one, much, first, being, because, american, music, life, just, house, home, high, two, throughout, through

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