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.Alternative medicines are not a scam. Many of the alternative medicines available today have a longer history of healing than do many of the traditional medicines commonly prescribed.

In fact, when used properly alternative medicine is a better health choice because many of its components are natural and support the body’s natural ability to heal. Nutritional healing is one of the many alternative medicine practices that have been used to heal for centuries. This alternative treatment uses vitamins and certain foods to aid the body in healing itself.Alternative medicine practices are not a scam but have a history of healing and scientific backing to prove their effectiveness. “In 1999, eight academic medical centers, including Harvard, Duke and Stanford, banded together with the purpose of encouraging research and education on alternative medicine. ” (Cohen E. , 2007) After an eight year study these medical centers found several alternative medicine practices to have clinical backing. Considering this, alternative medicine practices often have better clinical results than many traditional medicines.

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Many alternative medicines such as nutritional healing have excellent benefits and are certainly very safe. Consider the common use of vitamin C to cure or relieve common cold symptoms. Increasing vitamin C doses boost the body’s own immune system and aide the body’s own ability to heal. Many do not realize that this type of “treatment” is what is done in nutritional therapy, which is considered an alternative medicine practice. This simple remedy is both safe and effective.Certainly alternative medicine needs to be administered properly; however, once this condition is met, alternative medicine proves to be very safe.

Alternative medicine is gaining respect as a valid treatment method from the government and medical schools. “The government has spent more than $22 million to help medical and nursing schools start teaching about alternative medicine. ” (Marchione M, 2009) If alternative medicine were merely a scam the government would not provide these funds, nor would medical schools be teaching these practices to their students.

Many up and coming doctors and nurses are seeing the need to be educated in these alternative practices and are searching for schools that offer alternative medicine practices as course material. “Additional tax money has been spent to recruit and train young doctors to do research in this field, launching some into careers as alternative medicine providers. ” (Marchione M, 2009) Such educated individuals would not veer off the path of traditional medicine to pursue alternative medicine if alternative medicine did not work.

Alternative medicine has been used for centuries with positive results. Just as in traditional medicine, there can be “fake” healers and treatments that do not work. Chemotherapy does not always work to cure cancer; however, it is not labeled as a treatment that is a scam, but is considered effective in treating cancer. Likewise, alternative medicine should not be labeled ineffective. Many medical schools, as well as, the U.

S. government have shown support for alternative medicine and have funded its research.The question should not be is alternative medicine a scam, but rather, when will alternative medicine be accepted and used for the amazing healing properties it enables and supports. References Cohen E.

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