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Never go by the appearance of any thing, be it a person or a thing.

Simply wanting for it just by the looks of it can lead to great disaster. Most of the time, what we see is not the reality; the outside appearance generally hides all the truth and reality. Though we might say face is the index of the heart, there are so many methods to hide the face reactions. But that can be found out on constant and vigilant observation alone.

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The credit worthiness of so many things are definitely questionable. When it comes to a materialistic thing, its worth can be judged only on using it.In the same way, we can find the true color of a person only by moving with them, though not closely at least getting acquainted with them. Now a days we can see so many imitation jewelry that shine even more than gold. Any individual can be judged by his deeds and attitude. Many a times, aptitude or fearlessness can be found out to be a fake one. Advertisements are the best way to market any product, but most of the times, they just don’t show the reality. But not all of them are like that, but one have to be very careful with such type of advertisements.

The actions of people in today’s world are self centered and they just look at the benefits they get out of it. It is better to be careful to start a friendship with those who try to project themselves as your well wishers or friends. It is better to ascertain their motives and actions and a constant vigil need to be kept on them. One have to understand that all those metals that are shiny and yellow in color need not be gold, they might be painted yellow or just any other yellow metal.

So one have be aware of the appearance and judge everything. So it is better to keep in mind “All that glitters is not gold”.Life is something really strange. In life we come across several things and persons that are entirely different from what they look like. Outward shows are generally misleading. Same is the case with certain experiences of life. Adversity, for example, is painful and ugly.

But shakespeare tells us that even adversity is sweet. Adversity, according to him, is like the toad. It is ugly and poisonous but it wears precious jewels on its head.

Autumn is a season of death, decay and dullness. But to Keats, it is a season of mellow fruitfulness and joy. He says: “Where are the songs of springs ?Ay, where are they ? Think not of them,thou hast thy music too. ” Similarly, a happy experience may turn out to be very harmful in the long run while a delicious dish may be poisonous in effect. In a battle-field, deceptive scenes are too common. In Israel’s first war against Egypt, the Jewish planes dropped large tin foils in the air at great heights. The Egyptian radars took them to be fighter planes and this created panic in their ranks.

All this shows that appearances are often deceptive. Shakespeare wrote the line All that glitters is- not gold’ about four hundred years ago.It is as true today as was when the great dramatist wrote it. In fact, it has been true right since then dawn of creation. Poor Adam, leading a life of joy in the garden of Eden was deceived into eating the forbidden fruit by glittering talk of Satan. As a result, the poor fellow was thrown out of the garden forever. The glittering golden deer captivated the heart of Sita. She compelled Lord Rama to go and bring that prized animal to her.

She was carried away to Lanka and the battle of Ramayana had to be fought to bring her back. Things, it proves, are never what they seem to be. All that glitters is not gold.This world is full of human beings who pose to be men of God, pious and religious.

But in fact, they are rogues and villains. A man may smile and smile and yet be a villain. A woman in a shining dress and golden tresses may well turn out to be a flirt. What happens to the devoted moth? It stands dazzled in the glowing beauty of the lovely flame. Lost in its outward glitter, it keeps on droning around it blissfully. It burns its wings in the process and falls down dead. Look at the flood of advertisements attacking one’s ears day in and day out. Shining labels are displayed and tall claims are made.

The poor customer is cheated into buying worthless things and wasting his hard earned money. Appearances are often deceptive. We should not run after outward beauty. Real beauty does not lie in the superficial appearance of a thing or a person.

A lovely skin may be hiding a heart full of cruelty within. A soft, sweet, voice may be hiding a ruthless attitude. On the contrary, a rough exterior may be having a heart of gold within a dirty looking stone may be a real gem. Man should be judged not from his looks but- from his actions.

Gold is a shining thing but all shining things are not gold. All that glitters is not gold.

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