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All fruits and vegetables are great for you, so what’s the big deal about green juices inparticular? The answer actually lies in the pigment that produces the green color:chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is often referred to as the blood of the plant and is responsible forstimulating the process known as photosynthesis. Simply stated, photosynthesis useslight to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose, which is used for energy.Structurally, chlorophyll is nearly identical to hemoglobin, the molecule in your bloodresponsible for transporting oxygen. The only difference is that the central atom ofhemoglobin is iron, while that of chlorophyll is magnesium. Many people believe thatchlorophyll performs the same function as hemoglobin and count this as one of its healthbenefits.

Though not scientifically proven, it’s a viable theory.Chlorophyll also helps to replenish our red blood cells, which in turn increases oxygenlevels in our blood. Other benefits often attributed to this amazing green pigment includehow it:• Promotes weight loss• Protects DNA from damage by many carcinogens• Enhances wound healing and tissue regeneration• Increases energy• Decreases inflammation in certain conditions, such as pancreatitis• Decreases appetite because it contains the compound thylakoid• Keeps carcinogens from attaching to DNA in many of your organs, and thus preventsdevelopment of cancer• Helps break up calcium oxalate stones in your kidneys• Extracts heavy metals, such as mercury, from your blood• Stabilizes blood sugar• Improves skin problems• Improves mental clarity• Maintains an alkaline environment in which diseases are unable to thriveThe reason it’s better to consume chlorophyll from raw juices and smoothies ratherthan from cooked vegetables is that cooking lowers the chlorophyll content. You can tellwhen this happens because your vegetables will change from a bright green to a darker,olive green. Once they have changed to the darker hue, there is very little usefulchlorophyll left in the produce.

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