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All good things must come to an end. In
Hemingway’s “The End of Something”, we are shown that things could end, even if
the situation presents.  Hemingway uses
dialogue in a way that readers can easily understand making the story easy to
follow. “The End of Something” is a story that people who have had a break up
can relate to, even in the modern era. The story could be printed again today,
and people would not believe that the original story was published in 1921. When
Nick and Marjorie’s connection ends, the impact affects each other similarly.

End of Something” is a break up story. However, Nick and Marjorie’s break up is
not the only thing that is concluding. The story title also signifies the termination
of a prevalent lumbering municipality, Hortons Bay, and the shutting down of a
saw mill. From the text, examples are given that Hortons Bay used to be a productive
town that was always active. Nick and Marjorie grew up when Hortons Bay was thriving.  However, they can hardly remember what it was

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Nick and Marjorie are in
a relationship and are the main characters of the story. Marjorie thinks the
relationship is going well; however, Nick is ready to terminate it. This is a
common premise in relationships. Most relationships end because someone is not content
with their significant other, while the other person could be happy. Hemingway
uses dialogue to portray the relationship between them. For instance, when
Marjorie asks a question, Nick replies in short, choppy sentences. In one discussion,
Marjorie asks, “What’s the matter?”, Nick responds with, “I don’t know.”. This illustrates
that Nick is exhausted of her and does not want to be with her to any further
extent. There are many other cases of Nick being brusque to Marjorie that demonstrations
Nick does not want to be with Marjorie anymore. Marjorie, on the other hand, is
commencing a conversation and attempts to talk to Nick on many occurrences;
Nick has no response to her and does not keep the conversation going.

everything, Marjorie is still in love with Nick.  However, Nick is not in love with Marjorie any
longer. Nick tells Marjorie that he is not having fun anymore and has lost hope
for their relationship.  Marjorie then
asks Nick, “Isn’t love any fun?” From this statement, we can deduce that
Marjorie is still in love Nick.  She
notices that the relationship is not as exciting for Nick as it used to because
he is not showing much effort.  Relationships
are successful if each party puts forth effort to make their significant other happy.
 She had no idea that Nick was going to end
the relationship with her that evening.

the relationship comes to a close, and Marjorie ultimately understands that
Nick is breaking up with her, both parties are upset. Marjorie, on the other
hand, appears to cope with the break up better than Nick does. Marjorie chooses
to take the boat and abandons Nick there, which he deserves. Through the
dialogue it sounds as though Marjorie persists to be strong and does not protest.
However, Nick strives with the departure of her. He conceals his head in a
blanket and is very distressed.

Bill is introduced. Bill is an attention-grabbing character who plays a big
role in this story, even though he is hardly in it. As soon as Marjorie leaves,
Bill seems to just emerge from the woods as if he knew what Nick’s plot was. Bill
queries if Nick is okay and Nick responds “Oh, go away, Bill! Go away for
a while.” Many people question if Bill is perchance a male companion for

Male camaraderie is used recurrently
by Hemingway. He uses it in this story, evidently, and he also uses it in “The Three-Day
Blow” and in “Indian Camp”. Bill plays more of a significant role in “The Three-Day
Blow” while allowing Nick to reside with him at his cottage. Bill offers Nick
to stay with him while the storm blows over, even though Nick just showed up. In
the story “Indian Camp”, Nick and his Dad have a very solid connection. They
should have a strong bond bearing in mind they are father and son, however, in
their circumstances it is even stronger. There is also a convincing sense of faith
between the two and Uncle George as well, although he vanishes at the end of
the story.

This story could be understood
as an autobiography. When Hemingway was in his twenties, had a relationship
with a girl named Marjorie who was from an old resort town.  Bill Smith was Hemmingway’s best friend.  Recognizing this information, readers can suppose
that Bill is just a close friend, is logical in this situation. When a guy
breaks up with a girl, usually he will tell his friends or ask their opinion if
he should or should not. Nick expressed to Bill that he was going to break up
with Marjorie. Bill knew what Nick’s scheme was and came to console Nick once
she left. This is a good example of male fellowship that Hemingway writes about
in his stories.

An additional motive that
could have aided in the ending of Nick and Marjorie’s relationship is that Nick
no longer felt love for Marjorie. Nick taught Marjorie the entirety of his fishing
knowledge and skills. Once Marjorie is a skilled fisherman, Nick recognizes
that he is unusable to her and that Marjorie may be a more proficient fisherman
than he is. Nick could have only been drawn to Marjorie because she needed him.
This is a universal reason why people are attracted to each other. The two
spent a great deal of time together while Marjorie was learning to fish, and
Nick could have been attracted to her because she needed him. Once Marjorie did
not need Nick anymore, he did not feel desired anymore. Men like to be better
than woman at particular things; Marjorie is now better than Nick at fishing
and Nick does not like that.  This creates
jealous towards Marjorie because Nick feels that he is not a good fisherman anymore
when compared to her.

Even though Nick broke up
with Marjorie, both were affected equally. Relationships can end unexpectedly,
even when things may seem to be doing well. It is vital to encircle oneself
with friends that will be accessible for comfort when needed. All in all, “The
End of Something” is a story that still connects to people in today’s world as
well as other stories composed by Hemingway.

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