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Align:start unfortunately even in the urban centers in India the yoga that we know is a rebound from the American coast so somehow yoga went to the west and got sheared off all the other aspects and only the physical skinny physicality of yoga came back so what is yoga as all of you should know the word yoga means Union all the stuff that’s true fundamentally what is it that this can do for me why should I invest my time and life in this process in this process called what is being referred to as you you must understand in this culture the science of yoga became so significant and became as important and as defining a factor as it has been in the past mainly because this will not be a popular thing to say but we must know that this is a godless culture though we know the technologies of God making we know how to manufacture a god this is the only culture which still remembers that we created God everywhere else people started believing God created them when I refer to the word God I am talking about a certain being or a certain person somewhere up there yoga becames of supreme importance in the past in this culture because this is not a land of believers this has always been a land of secrets the basis of seeking is a true seeking can truly happen but the new only when there are no assumptions or presumptions with the new belief means concretization of assumptions that you have made which may be culturally convenient but not exist actually it has no relevance so the science of yoga took precedence over everything else because to seek you need tools without tools if we try to do something our being the way we are as human beings our rate of success with anything would be extremely poor today we dominate this world of all the other creatures human beings are dominating this world mainly because of our ability to use tools otherwise probably a colony of ants would have dominated us well the most fierce animals that we can think of tigers lions in terms of strength an elephant these were all creatures which terrorized Humanity of the past but today these poor creatures have to be saved by from us simply because of our ability to use tools we are dominating this planet because of our ability to use tools there is a screw in this furniture if I ask you to unscrew this if you use your hands you may lose your fingernails and bleed you can use your teeth you’ll lose some of them but the screw will not come but if I give you a simple screwdriver in a minute you will get it out this is the power of a tool so in this culture we realized the significance of tools not only tools which can transform our external situation tools which can transform our inner situation so the many processes of classical yoga are just subjective tools to transform the inner realities of who we are in body in mind in emotion and on the level of energy and in the deeper dimension of our consciousness we created tools as to how we can make this one happen the way we want the curse if you look long enough only some young people you may be still romantic enough to believe somebody in your life will happen exactly the way you want them to be you still have the choice but the older people you ask them they know nobody in your life will happen hundred percent the way you want them they’ll happen to some extent never 100% your way no human being on this planet will ever happen 100 percent your way not your husband not your wife not your children not your parents not your friends not even your dog these days they do their own thing so they don’t happen your way that’s not the problem the problem with life is that this one is not happening my way this is the big problem so the tools that we employ to create external situations they work to some extent that will bring comfort convenience access but it will not bring well-being if well-being has to happen we need tools to transform our interior G the different systems of classical yoga are just these tools offered in various labs but unfortunately though these tools are subjective in nature because we today have come to this place in this world that unless we can physically prove it it is not science my experience is not good enough what’s happening within me is not good enough a meter has to tell me that what I am doing is right because of that across the world today we are trying to shear yoga off all subjectivity and make it into your very physical thing it still works fortunately but that’s not the best way to use it we must understand in this culture the only thing that you have worshipped is yoga in the sense who are the people that you worship well your Shiva your Rahman you Krishna the biggest icons in the country well she was referred to as the audio geek he’s always seen as a yogi the other two might have been kings or king makers they may not look like your standard template of a yogi at least they don’t fit into the calendar art as a yogi they got kingdoms they got crowns they got wives they don’t look like your standard template of a yogi but what is it that you worship about them I want you to look at this with some sense of open eyes when you perform action in your life any kind of action you want to be successful is that you see now we must decide who is the yogi here if you’re going to sit like this and stare at me I can sit here without moving my eyeballs for the next hour you know a long practice don’t ask you a question you can talk to me all right now the purpose of any action that you perform is its excessive value even if you do the smallest thing you want it to succeed or no I’m saying things something menial something insignificant like you blew your nose into your tissue paper and you want to throw it into the bin you want it to go in or out yes because the purpose the purpose of any action is success we don’t want to perform action which doesn’t succeed small or big it doesn’t matter significant or insignificant it doesn’t matter when we do something we want it to succeed success in every way is the sweetest thing in your life isn’t it so the ideas of success may have gotten skewed up in the world that’s different but when you perform an action you want it to be successful that’s the nature but now you look at the people whom you worship Rama please the devotees please listen to me carefully don’t get angry with me he’s born as a rightful king to a majors Kingdom of the time but he loses his kingdom for some reason and goes into the jungle there he is not frustrated not angry simply there he is making a life out of the jungle then you know these LTT people come and kidnap his wife I shouldn’t say this cardigan is here Laughter then he becomes despot and he loves his wife so he goes in search of her goes down has a bloody battle down there in Sri Lanka then burns down the entire city then recovers his wife political pressures so he has to put her through the fire test which he doesn’t want to do then he brings her back makes her his queen again political problems so again sends her back to the jungle and she’s pregnant then she delivers children no sonogram was done so he does not know whether it’s boys or girls he does not know it’s one or two but she delivers two boys in the jungle these boys grew up in the jungle Kings children but they grow up in the jungle then annoyingly he fights a battle with his own children then she dies in the forest you call this a successful life I’m asking you know but we worship Him we worship Him not because of his success in the world we worship Him because it doesn’t matter what kind of situations life threw at him he managed who he is perfectly well he did not become vengeful he did not become bitter he did not become depressed he kept himself as he was as he would be on the throne so he was in the jungle so he was in the battle so he was in the pea time of peace he so he was when he lost his wife so he was when he battled with his children he maintained who he is without losing it so we see him as a yogi and we worship Him we worship Him not because of his physical success we worship Him because within himself is a huge success because this has been our value system because the quality of our lives is not determined by what we have around us but how we are right now within us you tell me right now the quality of your life is it decided by what kind of clothes you’re wearing or what kind of car you parked outside what kind of home you live in or how do you feel you are right now which decides the quality of your life so this is what we have always valued as success because what life throws at you he’s not always in your hands you don’t know where the drop is see right here you don’t know where the trap was Laughter but what life throws at you is not your choice what you make out of it is 100% your choice if you are able to exercise this choice till the moment of your death no matter what life throws at you you can exercise this choice how to respond to it what to make out of it is entirely in your hands you become worthy of worship this is why Rama as Krishna’s and Shiva’s have become worthy of worship not because of their super success in their life they didn’t succeed neither Krishna has succeeded I want you to know his entire life was committed to bring political process and spiritual process together he strived hard he travelled extensively tried to deal with all kinds of idiots and groups yes on a daily basis you have to if you want to do something in the world but in the end the entire process ends up in a colossal disastrous war his own people get all crazy and he gets killed by that but we worship Him because no matter what happened he went to it joyfully untouched life can do whatever it wants but what you do with it is entirely yours if you exercise this you are in yoga the tools of yoga are towards this it may throw all kinds of traps at you but everything you make it into your well-being that means you are using the tools of yoga whether it is in terms of health physical health mental health emotional health or spiritual health if you are using the necessary tools to create this within yourself that means you are in yoga because essentially this is a tool to go through the world and touched the simple process of living what is please don’t talk to the child the simple process of living just to earn a living eat sleep reproduce and die one day how much fuss what else hotels is the most of the population doing just this just to survive earn a living wish to reproduce reproduce otherwise you can keep quiet but how much fuss how many ways human beings are getting twisted I don’t know to what extent you are exposed to human suffering every day I’m meeting thousands and thousands of people what I see is the variety of suffering that human beings have invented is to phenomenon you give them anything they’re capable of suffering it you give them nothing they’ll make enormous suffering out of it they are poor they suffer the poverty make them rich suffer the taxes uneducated they suffer lack of excess you put them to school endless suffering not married they suffer that get them married I won’t say anything I didn’t say anything I didn’t say anything you are the ones I didn’t say anything no children they suffer that give them children daily suffering show me one thing that human beings are not suffering now they will conclude life is suffering life is not suffering because what is it that you’re suffering you capable of suffering something that happened 10 years ago yes yes yes Oh experts lots of experts and you’re capable of suffering what may happen day after tomorrow already so I want you to understand you are not suffering life you are suffering two fundamental faculties which set human beings apart from every other creature which is called memory and imagination you are suffering your memory your suffering your imagination your not suffering life these are two things that set us apart from every other creature on this planet we have an exquisite memory of every experience that has happened in our lives and we have an exquisite imagination to project into the future and make attempts to create that imagination but these are the two things you’re suffering if you are suffering yesterday and tomorrow it does not mean you’re suffering life you are suffering your memory and your imagination memory does not mean just your conscious memory in yoga we look at human memory as eight different dimensions I don’t want to go into all the classifications but right now is it true that if you are a man and you eat a mango I’m sorry too early I think for mangoes if you eat a mango this mango goes inside in two hours time it becomes a man yes that’s why it’s called a mango if you’re a woman you eat this mango in two hours time it goes inside and becomes a woman yes or no only two ladies are agreeing with me yes or no if a cow eats a mango the mango becomes a cow very smart mango what is it that’s doing this it is just that there is a certain volume of evolutionary memory in this whatever you put into this this is what it will become because you if you eat dog food you will not become a dog or if the dog eats your food it will not become you because there is an evolutionary memory which ensures whatever goes inside this is what happens to this and there’s a genetic memory if you eat somebody else’s food your nose will not change your shape like them this will be only like this because it takes on this form only because there is a genetic memory there are various levels of unconscious memory subconscious memory and of course you have your conscious memory your suffering may not be just on the level of conscious memory unconscious levels of memory may be causing suffering – you see people come to me and says heard guru my husband my wife’s is impossible my mother-in-law no word said guru my boss unthinkable is I cannot believe how he walled into a human being then I told them you can come to the Yoga Center I will make sure your husband your wife your boss your mother-in-law nobody has entry yeah just you I’ll give you a nice place to stay I’ll give you good food to eat nothing to do just be joyful that’s all I’ll make random checks on you when I check on you you must be joyful if you’re miserable I don’t believe in feeding misery there’s no point isn’t it what is the point feeling misery I’m asking now you leave them for 24 hours in one place oh they will twist themselves out into all kinds of things when you’re alone when you’re alone if you are miserable obviously you’re in bad company isn’t so Yoga is the tool to fix this one because your experience of life is determined by this one not somebody else if you fix this one suddenly being here can be an ecstatic process just existence just existence can become absolutely ecstatic when I say ecstatic it doesn’t mean some flight of something no it is a certain level of pleasantness in language the highest level of pleasantness we can call it as blissfulness or ecstasy the peak of human experience generally in English language is described as ecstasy I’m saying you can be in the peak of your experience if your body becomes Pleasant we call this health if it becomes very pleasant we call it pleasure if your mind becomes Pleasant we call it peace if it becomes very pleasant we call it joy if your emotions become Pleasant we call this love if it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion if your very life energies become Pleasant we call this blissfulness if it becomes very pleasant we call it ecstasy if your surroundings become Pleasant we call it success now only creating your surroundings into a state of pleasantness is a challenge because it involves many people if we want to make this place Pleasant we need all your cooperation otherwise it’s not possible in some way we must be able to harness everyone’s mind emotion and behavior then only we can create a pleasant place around us but to create pleasantness within this it’s just you you and you alone this you must be able to do isn’t it at least what happens within you must happen your way that’s all I’m asking yes or no the world may not happen your way but if this happens your way how would you keep it blissful or miserable please make a choice I’m more bless you right now for yourself the choice is always the highest level of pleasantness what you want for your neighbor may be debatable but what you want for yourself is crystal clear but why is this not happening this is not happening simply because you have not found the appropriate tools this is the business of yoga to give you the right kind of tools to create helped to create well-being to create a joyful way of existence to make the experience of life truly ecstatic this these are the tools yoga is the tools for this purpose we do not know whether you will climb Mount Everest or not you may not have the legs of the Lance I do not know whether you will run faster than mr.Bolt or not I do not know whether he will become the richest man in the world or not I do not know whether you will become the most beautiful woman in the world or not but this must happen that your experience of life on this planet is pleasant this much you deserve and this much must happen to every human being this is where yoga becomes significant because this is the tools or entire technology to ensure the experience of every human being on this planet is pleasant no matter what is happening around us because what is happening around us we can only make it happen to a certain extent you cannot control it 100% but I’ll ask your simple question let’s say right now you’re feeling wonderful if I come and meet you at this moment when you’re feeling wonderful I’m sure you will be wonderful to me good but another moment you feeling frustrated unhappy miserable about something if I come and meet you you could be nasty this is true with every human being isn’t it if you want a pleasant world the first and foremost thing that we need to do is this one person is pleasant irrespective of what the world is doing this is what we have always worshiped as Krishna Rama Siva everything not because of their physical success we always worship this because irrespective of what the world was doing to them they remain closeted but today even the so-called spiritual leaders are going about propagating peace is the highest goal of life peace of mind I’ll ask you a simple question maybe you already had your breakfast so let’s say when you have lunch today to enjoy your lunch even if you’re not ecstatic at least you must be peaceful do you enjoy the place that you work and the people that you work with even if you’re not blissful at least you must be peaceful to enjoy your family to enjoy a walk on the street at least you must be peaceful so I’m asking you is peace the ultimate goal of life or is it the most fundamental requirement most fundamental requirement but unfortunately we’ve raised it to heaven if you say peace people say divine peace if you say loud people say divine law if you say blessed people say divine bliss these are all human things exported to heaven I was to speak a tel-aviv a couple of years ago I’m flying in from Atlanta and to land there in the morning and speak in the evening but because of some flight delays I land up there at in the evening so I am quickly changing in the airport to get there on time because in this 33 years have not been late you’re single appointment in my line if not something to clap everybody is supposed to be where they’re supposed to be at a given time and fortunately it’s become a great virtue then I’m famished because I’m traveling an American airline and there’s nothing edible on the plane so I get to the destination the venue and to my joy I find venue is a a very fine restaurant I’m speaking in a restaurant I thought this is crazy life can’t get better and I’m so hungry the restaurant is the best place to go then people are greeting me and one man comes and says Salam I asked him what does it mean he says this is the highest way of greeting I said that’s your opinion what does it mean he says no really really this is the highest way of greeting all right what does the word mean he says this means peace then I still have say why would peace be the highest way of greeting unless you’re born in Middle East in south india somebody comes up to me in the morning and says peace I say what’s wrong with you I am saying if you don’t have the necessary tools even unscrewing a simple screw becomes a tremendous task if you don’t have the necessary tools for your subjectivity something as simple if you feed your dog well he sleeps peacefully yes something that simple has risen to heaven simply because people do not have the necessary tools what I see is today as the human intellect sparks as it is today more people on this planet can think for themselves than ever before once this happens I see in the next probably 50 to 70 years time a time will come when all the solutions in heaven will collapse because even if God comes and says something to you unless it makes logical sense to you you’re not going to do it already you becoming like this but still you’re little afraid you’re still god-fearing but in another 25 to 50 years you will see nobody in this world is willing to do anything unless it makes sense to them when this happens when heavens collapse heaven will collapse but human longing to experience something more will not go away I predict in another 80 years time or 100 years time if we don’t do a very serious campaign to bring tools of inner well-being for every human being on this planet 90% of the population will turn to drink and drugs this is why yoga is a phenomenal significance for the coming generations thank you very much

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