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The time of the 19th century Victorian era surely a time of great confusion and people wanted to figure out all the missing holes in their lives. Questions filled the air with answers yet to be discovered. At this time, philosophical ideas were a great area of focus and many wondered how life came to be and why we are here in the first place. The Soul Spiritualism is very highly significant as it does raise particular theories about the events that follow death.Some of us may have heard about the superstition of letting a soul out of the window when someone recently dies. In history, this practice was not an officially recognized superstition. However, in the past, people believed that even if the body dies, the soul is still alive and the continues to live. So basically, people in past believed that one must open all the doors and windows in the area where the person died so the spirit can have quick passage.

This is evident in Alias Grace, where, on page 120, Grace states: “Mrs.Phelan also said that we had not opened the window to let out the soul, as was the custom; but perhaps it would not be counted against my poor mother, as there were no windows in the bottom of the ship and therefore none to be opened. And I had never heard of a custom like that. ” This was the scene where Mrs. Marks died and there was no window to be opened for the custom of letting her soul out the window to go on.

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Later on, we see certain events that occur that hint to Grace that her mother’s spirit is not at rest and the broken teapot signifies this.

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