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Personality and individual differences Creativity in Airbag Airbag is known for several reasons as a creative organization. First of all it invented the concept ‘peer-to-peer accommodation’, so the base of the organization is already creative (Guttering, 2013). Then the company worked out its idea in a personal and refreshing way, which is easily found back in the webbing design. For example Airbag wants to provide their guests a social experience instead of a search experience at their website (Kiang, 2012).

Next Airbag distinguishes itself from animal peer-to-peer accommodation companies by providing professional photographs of the houses, taken by their own team of professional photographers. (Airbag, coco). Besides this, co-founder Brian Checks is even literally living on Airbag, purely to discover negative user experiences. (Rap, 2011). We think this is a very creative way to discover the dissatisfies of a company. At the moment there is not a creative director in the company, but Joe Gabbing, the co-founder of Airbag, has a similar Job.

He is the chief product officer, which nearness he takes care of the end reduce, including design, inventing new ideas to elaborate the product etc. (Airbag, 10th). Tasks of a creative director The main task of a creative director is to be a point of inspiration and to come up with brilliant ideas (Creatively, 2013). More specified tasks of a creative director in Airbag can be for example; lead designer of the website, brainstorming and designing new aspects for the product (such as the wish list, the neighborhood section at the website etc. , understanding the needs and wants of the target group, maximizing user experience, managing team members, carry out the right image of Airbag, focusing on sustainable growth ideas and thinking of the possibilities for Airbag to go mobile (Airbag, 10th; Airbag, IEEE; Creatively, 2013). Type of personality of the creative director We think the new creative director of Airbag should be Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving. Firstly extrovert is a requirement, because a creative director should be a team worker. He/she should interact with the outside world to find out if the new idea could work.

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The interaction should give him energy and should even reveal more ideas. Secondly intuitive, because as a creative director you have to create new ideas and solutions by yourself. There is no information present to do this, you have to use your own imagination and abstract knowledge. Thirdly he/she should be rather more feeling than thinking. In his/her situation there is most of the times a lack of facts to take rational decisions, so decisions should be based on personal emotions and on how decisions will affect other people. Lastly ‘perceiving’ would be a good characteristic.

For this Job it is necessary to be flexible and to improvise illusions and answers, because situations are changing continuously. This is an important part of the creative process, it is hard to plan everything if you want to be creative (Myers, Potential impact on the existing team in Airbag Airbag is divided in different departments, in each department the employees work together as a team. Each department has a director and underneath are the executing employees, sometimes there is a manager in between those two (Airbag, Bibb).

As explained above a creative director has many tasks, these tasks exceed ore than one department. A creative director will create a new team, which consists out of some existing departments to fulfill all his/her tasks. Close collaboration, true teamwork, is required between the creative director and the involved departments. Using this knowledge, we think the creative director will be placed in the company underneath the board of directors and as head of all the departments, even though not all the departments are dealing with the creative director.

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