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After School Activities After-School: Parental Involvement in Low-Income Neighborhoods Introduction:This document is in support of after-school activities in low-income neighborhoods that benefit from parental participation.

After school programs that have parental involvement; are more successful, as indicated through psychological research (and ethnographies) that convey the significance of parenting styles and practices?especially in impoverished urban neighborhoods. It is in these seamlessly ?impossible? settings, parents chosen rearing styles for children; determine the child?s eventual outcome and role in society. In western society, parenting styles differ from that of other cultures; however, it is the western society parenting styles in rough crime ridden neighborhoods whose parents face the toughest of obstacles.

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To assist in overcoming the tasks that low-income parenting presents, a child should participate in out-of-school activities that will be enriching in the child?s development. In impoverished neighborhoods, it is more of a need for both parental involvement (strategies) utilizing after-school programming, in overcoming the (negative) impoverished environment a child lives in; probably intensified and more difficult via single parenting. Of equal significance is social policy (geared toward after-school programming) in a Euro-American public educational system. In deed the role that the American government and politics plays, is major.

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