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After School Activities On February 11, 2004, I conducted a Gender Stereotypes observation entitled, Messages from the Media. My question for this experiment was: How might gender roles change in the twenty-first century The method I chose involved observing the television show Will and Grace through using a coding sheet recording observations made. After observing Will and Grace, I noticed that the ?stereotyped? major female was the main component of this particular television programming. The purpose of my question: how might gender roles change in the twenty-first century, dealt with the notion that Will, a young adult (homosexual) male living with Grace a young adult (heterosexual) female; share similar sexual preferences as they both like men. In contemporary society gay and lesbian marriages are a social policy on the verge of becoming constitutional. With this possible inception?gay or lesbian mates (after marriage) will (legally) be the beneficiaries of there mate; the same way in which straight married couples have been legally established throughout history.

The method I used throughout my observation was rather simple, thanks in part to the document that was made available on Blackboard. Through using the sample coding sheet I was able to determine which of the four categories; grace, gender, roles, understanding, stereotyped, programming, men, marriage, homosexual, children, after, through, television, stated, observation, might, marry, marriages, heterosexual, female, change, adult, young, women, way, using, twist, twenty-first, throughout, society, side, show, should, sheet, relationship

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