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They were required to have good enunciation and a good voice was not good enough to guarantee this role. 2. ) How do evident function as a tool of good governance? These songs criticized the government, and motivated them to fix whatever the public people seemed to dislike. It was a system of checks and balances. They did it in such a way that motivated action. It was a criticism that held the chief to the values of the society. 3. ) What were the reasons behind the Gobo Women’s riot of 1929? The Warrant Chiefs were corrupt, and the women believed they were going to be taxed. ) What were the consequences of banning “sitting on a man”? Women lost the political power and independence they previously had before the British came. Notes 2 basic types of political forms Cacophonous “stateless”: like the Gobo Power is diffuse Nobody has the official capacity to make or enforce law Bands: hunting and gathering societies. 30-50 Pl Lineage-based societies: more common. Decision making happens through lineage heads Village Democracies: men and women could both develop a mouth and reputation and contribute to political discussion.

Everyone could voice his or her opinions and then consensus was reached on a solution. Centralized state societies: like the Enemas, Akin, Sensate, Adenoma Multi-ethnic through expansions. Chiefdoms were popular and governed by a central bureaucracy Kingdom: most popular form of centralized political association Ex. Sensate: chiefdoms based on inherited political office Royal lineage develops and become chief and try to pass his position to his son in a patrimonial society or sister’s son in a matrilineal society All chiefdoms based on trade.

Located along trading routes. Wealth Tallow In Ana was taxed cancel was Antennae to accumulate wealth (agricultural surplus, wives, gold, slaves) and displayed publicly at festivals and religious rituals to show that the chief was doing his Job Religious ideology: belief in ancestors. Ancestors are able to give the most help and chief is responsible for fostering good relationships with the ancestors by having festivals and asking for their blessing to take care of the living Sensate have a festival every 40 days

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